Wednesday Woos

We 've been relegated to the yard today , but we don't mind...
cause we have SNOW!

So just how long do I have to entertain him, mom?
Woos & A-roos to yous!
Jack & Moo


"Portrait in the Park"

Ha-roo everyone!  Mom's been working on a painting of ME, Jack!   Its one she took in the park a while ago, and she loves that pic of me.  (I'm peeking over the park bench at mom.)

Mom also took pics of Moo & my reaction when she photographed the painting. 
Me, criticing my portrait...

Me, not wanting to sit down but mom made me...
I actually do like the painting, I just wasn't in a "posing" kind of mood.
Mom also says its obvious that we need to be groomed.    
Now why would she say that???  just cause we've 
been playing in the mud this week?

Obviously Moo licks it.... I mean likes it.... and licks it!
My mama's interpretation of me at the park.

I wonder what pup she'll paint next?

A-roos to yous,
Jack DaVinci 


Monday's View from the Moo: PLEEEEZE?

Yes, we're aware that we just ate dinner.
And thank-woo, mom, 
 for the ground beef & juices topping, 
it was scrumptious...
But can we have a little more, please....
.... I said.... can we have a little more, please.

That's life around here.... win some, lose some.
Get over it Jack, and move on.
We'll beg again when they eat dinner.

And that's today 's View from the Moo...

Miss Moo and Jack A-roo


Reliving the past....

 Now that our snow is gone, we thought we'd relive the glory of its brief existance in our yard:

Ahhhh!   the racing......
 The wrestling......
 the smack-downs....
 and the joys of pushing your Sibeling into the snow!
Yup, it's all in the past now.... until the next snowstorm!

Happy weekend Woos & A-roos,
Jack & Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Walkies!

Ha-roo everyone!
Its me, Miss Moo, presenting my Monday View of the island!

Mom FINALLY took us on walkies today.
Jack loved being in the car, but didn't like it so much that we had to "stay" in the car while mom took pictures.
 She's getting ready to do a big painting for dad's new office and needed photos of stuff that did not include us, can woo believe it?

But, we did finaly get to go to one of our favorite parks in Newport.  Its one of our favorites cause it s a real hub of p-mail activity for the local canine community!

Here's a long shot....

And here's at least ONE of us paying attention.....

.....while the other one of us had other things on our agenda....
Mom tossed treats, but was too slow on the shutter to catch the desired "happy faces" photo she wanted.    Ha-woo, better luck next time, mom!

.....and  photo SUCCESS!      
OK, we felt bad for her, we hate it when she makes that sobbing sound, so we gave in & let her have one great shot.   (We gotta take care of our peeps' emotional needs, ya know.)

Woo can't tell from these pics, but we do still have snow on the ground, but along the shore it melts quicker cause of the salty air.    Maybe we'll get in a walkie at the windmill park while it still has snow?

And that's this week's view from the Moo....see woo next week!

Toodle- woo!
Miss Moo


Friday Follow-up

The peeps & their furiends had a great dinner on New Year's day.  
Later that night, Moo sneaked some of the leftover containers 
outside to check for tasty licks still in them...

 This one was especially intersting.....

"OK Jack, the coast is clear.....check out this bottle"

"A-rooozers!   What is this stuff???"     
"Hey Jack, let me have a taste, too!"

"Ick, its too bitter fur me, Jack"
"Sorry Moo, but I think I licked up all the good stuff already"

"...wooooooooozers!    I'm feeling woooooozey!  Can woo help me up the steps, Moo?"
"Oh good grief, Jack.... what am I, your Designated Guide Dog?
  C'mon, dude, lets get woo home."

..and then, Jack took a nice long nap.

Woos & A-roos to yous,
Jack A-roo & Miss Moo