SNOW! At last, the white stuff has falled from heaven, creating heaven on earth for us huskies! 10 inches...a good start. Time to play!


Sherman is "Puttin' on the Ritz" for his two special Valentine friends today! My but he's dashing!
Remember, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with!


Yeah-- We've been officially accepted into the ranks of the HULA Hoop. This is quite an honor, and we will patiently await the day we take over the world with the rest of the HULA Hoop Huskies. We extend our gratitude and alligence to our Pack Leader, the brains & fluff behind HULA, Meeshka.
"It is good to be a Husky"


This is Sherman's "guilty" face. He went on a non-food eating binge this past week. I know it was boring with Hu-mom gone for a few days, but he should have better sense, IMHO. He ate our plastic food scoop -well, most of it anyways. Then he ate the check Hu-mom left for the dog-sitter. I say, way to go , Sherman! The dog sitter was not so amused. Hey, look at it this way, at least Hu-mom didn't leave cash! That would have been an ugly recovery process. As it is, we have been watching the daily defacation dissections with great interest. Hu-mom makes some great faces as she pokes & smooshes through everything. Shes been feeding him a lot of fiber, so there's even more than usual to go through! One of the other huskies at the kennel where he came from ate a bunch of expensive jewelry one time. He was a Champion husky, and he lived to be 17, so it can't have hurt him much. Makes me wonder what all the fuss is about.
-Wooos, Star


I celebrated my 10th birthday a couple days ago - I got lots of tasty salmon on top of my food, some really yummy treats...and a new squeeky-duck! I love it, it honks when I bite down, almost like the real thing! I don't look too thrilled in this photo because Hu-mom woke me up from a nice nap to take a picture, can you imagine?
We finally have some snow, so our dog park trips have been heavenly...single digit temperatures, no other dogs anywhere in sight (whimps!), the whole place to Sherman and myself. I got delerious the other day and LEAPED over Sherman after charging him and running zoomies around him, Yup, this ol' girl's still got it!