I celebrated my 10th birthday a couple days ago - I got lots of tasty salmon on top of my food, some really yummy treats...and a new squeeky-duck! I love it, it honks when I bite down, almost like the real thing! I don't look too thrilled in this photo because Hu-mom woke me up from a nice nap to take a picture, can you imagine?
We finally have some snow, so our dog park trips have been heavenly...single digit temperatures, no other dogs anywhere in sight (whimps!), the whole place to Sherman and myself. I got delerious the other day and LEAPED over Sherman after charging him and running zoomies around him, Yup, this ol' girl's still got it!

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Turbo the Sibe said...

Happy birthday. I'm glad you got both a squeaky-duck and some snow! Wooo!