This is Sherman's "guilty" face. He went on a non-food eating binge this past week. I know it was boring with Hu-mom gone for a few days, but he should have better sense, IMHO. He ate our plastic food scoop -well, most of it anyways. Then he ate the check Hu-mom left for the dog-sitter. I say, way to go , Sherman! The dog sitter was not so amused. Hey, look at it this way, at least Hu-mom didn't leave cash! That would have been an ugly recovery process. As it is, we have been watching the daily defacation dissections with great interest. Hu-mom makes some great faces as she pokes & smooshes through everything. Shes been feeding him a lot of fiber, so there's even more than usual to go through! One of the other huskies at the kennel where he came from ate a bunch of expensive jewelry one time. He was a Champion husky, and he lived to be 17, so it can't have hurt him much. Makes me wonder what all the fuss is about.
-Wooos, Star

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