Our boy got word about this husky boy, who was picked up off the streets in NYC & taken to a kill shelter. According to the info link:
"Looking for a home for a well trained adult dog.
This well tempered, friendly and well trained dog needs a good home. He appears to be a pure breed husky. He was found wondering near my husband's office, approaching strangers. He seems to be lost, as he has a dog collar but no tags. He sits on command, stays and also gives his paw when asked. A few days ago he was taken to the pound by police. Unfortunately, he has been taken to a shelter with a kill policy. If he is not claimed or adopted within 2 weeks, he will be put to sleep. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in providing a loving home for this friendly dog."
Follow this link for contact info-

we're keeping all paws crossed this boy's bipeds show up to claim him or he gets a good home in the next two weeks! PLEASE CROSS-POST!

This has been a husky community announcement,
Star & Jack

*UPDATE: found out where he is- see Jan 12th post!


Holly said...

Oh no!! Are you a Sibernutter? Maybe you could post something there, or e-mail me the contact info so I can post it there. They have a great way of helping Sibes in need.


mare said...

No one reads my blog, but I have posted a link to this post 'just in case' - weirder things have happened; like trained healthy pure breeds ending up in kills shelters, so you never know...

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

That is so sad. I'm so glad Mapaw took me out of the Philadelphia shelter after I was found before I gots my furever home here wif mommy & daddy.

sharkgila said...

I hope he is claimed or adopted soon.
I am feeling so sad for him, he might have accidentally done a runner and now is so lost without his family.