RIP, sweet Bowser boy.

God speed you on your way to the Rainbow Bridge, dear Bowser
We are sad to hear that our little pal, Bowser, has departed for the RB. He was quite elderly and his health had been failing, but he will forever be missed by his friends. He was a husky - ?? mix, with the fluffiest tail you've ever seen. We will miss him at our PetTalk get-together this Sunday, although we're sure he'll be looking down on the rest of us. Maybe he'll be munching a tube-steak in the sky, he was THE Champion Hot-dog Eater at our Husky Hike two years ago!

Woooooooos, Bowser. You're back on four good paws again.

*sniff* love, Star & Sherman

(Holly, we're gonna let our post today be dedicated to our dear friend, but we haven't forgotten you tagged us! Hu-mom's working on it)


Holly said...

Oh how sad! I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Bowser. He looks like a very sweet and cute boy from his picture. He is at peace now, and running free with all the other huskies, including mom's Shula, at the Rainbow Bridge. He will be with his humans again one day.


Shmoo said...

Woo of condolences from the gimpy crew and my fluffiness. We're sorry to hear of Bowser's passing.


Phred said...

Dear Pat, Sherman and Star ~~

THANKS so much for remembering our Lil Buddy, Bowser ...
He was a Work of Art ... a Fluff-Ball with a constantly *waving* Fluffie Tail, and a *SMILE* stretching from ear to ear!

Me he romp in Happiness at the Bridge!

/s/ Hu-Dad Phred, Cinder, Smokey & Boots da Kat