Monday's View from the Moo

Its Moo-vee time!
Now isn't this a pleasant way to start your week? I know Jack agrees! And that's this week's view from the Moo.

Miss Moo

PS-Jack here - did ya notice I'm getting better at not being thrown down? I still let her get me down once in while just to keep her happy, just cause I love my sisfur and my life is easier if she's happy.

PPS - Please don't tell her I told woo.


Noll's Nip said...

Hee hee....Moo likes to take you down by the ears! I like how you both "shook" at the end of your playing.

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos Moo and Jack! I see she likes to use woo as a chew toy, I hope woo do not squeak too much! We always shake too when all done, puts the furs back in there proper place.
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Jacqueline said...

Another great video; you guys look so happy, like you're having a lot of fun running and playing together...We hope your day is always filled with more fun sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Army of Four said...

Way to take charge, Moo!
Tail wags,

The Thundering Herd said...

That looks just like Monday around here. And Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Ok, ok, everyday.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If only woo two lived khloser to Kat and Steve AND me!

The Girls would SOOOOO kikhk The Boy furry butts!

Great job Miss Moo!


Tanuki Maxx said...

How fun is that!


Holly and Khady said...

I just love the way you two play! I so wish so me of my siblings would play like that! They just can't keep up with me!

Khady Lynn

Wild Dingo said...

Jack is such a pansy! Way to show him Moo! (that's from Juno, not Wild Dingo or Loki of course.)

wild dingo