Husky 'tude

Here we were, enjoying a nice walk around the resevoir, when our sniffing and exploring was interrupted by commands telling us where to sit and where to look....all because the Hu-mom has decided it's time she gets "a nice picture of the two of us together". Harumph, time for "husky 'tude" to kick in.
"Star, Jack, look at me!"

"Hey sweeties, look here, look at me!!!"

"Aw, come on, look this way together, please????"

"Aarugh!" She made that "what am I going to do with you" tsk-ing sound.
Not that we're apologising fror acting like huskies, but we did feel kinda sorry for her. She did after all take us to a nice place with lots of stuff to sniff. So we gave her this beautiful shot of "synchronized sniffing"

Good enough, says I. But Jack is a bit of a softie, (and a suck-up), so he cooperated with this cute-as-a post-card shot:

Just dont be surprised if you see this one Photoshop-ed with some stupid Santa hat or reindeer horns on him one day soon.

Wooooos and A-roooos,
Star the Stoic
and the Handsome Jack-A-rooo


elyse said...

Awwww, Star and Jack! These photos made me laugh aloud, which I really needed today! Please direct hu-mom to give you some hugs for me. Thank woo for the laughter!

Love from your fan,

Phred said...

NICE poses, Kids!
You've got the old Bent Ears look down just *phine*, Star!

And the totally UN-coordinated *you look left while I look right* thing takes a lotta practice ... You Guys have a great future in modeling.

**Yipps & Yapps**
from Cinder & SmokeMutt

Amici said...

Love the photos. I can definitely see the last one with a santa hat or something.

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...
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-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Mommy's are sumthing, aren't they! We wuv them to bits. But, just put a camera in their hands & they get click-happy. Sumtimes Juneau & I do the cutsy poses for her & other times we just do not want to cooperate. She has been into getting little movie bits on her new digital camera. She even ordered new software for the puter where she can convert the longer movie files from her camera into another smaller way so she can upload them to our blog page. We've created a 'mommy blogging demon' on our paws, oh my!!

P.S. We added yur blog to our dawg blawg & friends sites, hope you do the same wif ours.

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo roo roo! Way to go, Star! You are SO Siberian -- and I mean that in the VERY nicest way possible! Even though that's a darling picture of Jack, you REALLY need to talk to him about the whole "cooperating with bipeds" thing!
Tail wags,

cyber-sibes said...

*sigh* I know, Storms, Jack just doesn't get it. I think they ruined him when thay made him into a show-dog. You should see how he loves to stand & pose when he thinks bipeds are watching....he turns this way, then he turns that way, he stands up tall & plants his paws just so..... shameless! We took him to downtown Newport in the tourist district and it was downright embarrasing. All those compliments went straight to his puppyhead! I've hardly been able to live with him this week! But, I'll keep trying to pound some husky sense into him.

The Army of Four said...

Star: I know you're trying. Maybe if he's using his Siberian posing powers not just to cooperate, but to manipulate the bipeds into giving him attention or cookies ... maybe that's OK? I'm not sure. I need to check the Siberian Rule Book again.
Supportive Tail Wags,

Bama said...

Howwwooo Jackie.... ;>~
Mikki here. Don't listen to them, you are absolutely stunning in your pose, just as I am when I pose. The rest of my pack give me a hard time, too, but the biped attention makes up for the abuse from the 4-foots. I still think you are completely adorable.
Husky Hugs,

Kapp pack said...

Great job making your human work for that perfect shot. I love the synchronized sniffing one.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Arwen said...

You know you guys made this
whole unsynchronized husky photo
posing look easy. It takes work!
Good job. You looked fluffy and adorable, but still gave it the Siberian touch.

However, I heard my mom say you two are very adorable. She loves
your blog!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

You two really do look cool together! Great photos. I love how you both stay in sync there when your humans wanted you to look at the camera :)

Shmoo said...

Great camera avoidance techniques!


Holly said...

I do that sometimes too. Samuel, however, is always cheesing it up for the camera.