Christmas time is here....

Our beautiful outdoor tree, "Hoopsie" is looking splendid this year-  its doubled insize, has bright new lights and a beautiful new snowflake star at its crown....

Our indoor Siberian Tree - mom painted all the ornaments with portraits of Star, Sherman, Moo & Jack, plus other assorted huskies & winter animals.  Our little "memorial" huskies hang there, plus some cool white deer!
 And Jack's favorite feature this year-- a Pengie Village!   Mom made it with littel wooden houses & stickers & stuff.    (Some humans never grow up!)
 Here's the "gingerbread" house..... There's even a team of huskies coming through town!
We had a quiet Christmas at home with our humans..... and hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!  Wooooo!

Jack & Moo

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The Army of Four said...

Everything looks so beautiful!!!
I don't know why we didn't put up Christmas trees this year. I'm told that usually Mom puts up several. How surprising.
I hope you enjoyed Christmas!
I need to go chew on something...
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher