Sweet Anna....run free!

Woooooos, everyhusky & dog,

We were very sad to learn that our friend Anna (from another board), made her trip to the Rainbow bridge Monday. Sweet Anna was 13.

She had been parted from her first family for many years because of circumstances, but they unexpectedly found her again this past year & started visiting her. On one visit they noticed she had a ruptured tumor that was going untreated by the elderly woman who owned her, and convinced the woman to let them have Anna back so she could be cared for. The tumor was treated & Anna recovered. These past few special months have been full of joy for Anna & her family, who were so happy to have their husky girl back. Then about a week ago, Anna seems to have injured her back, and slowly became paralyzed. Anna let her family know she was ready to go. Bless them for setting her free, the hardest decision a human can make for us.
She was still a playful fun girl, loved to woo, & really into garbage dispersal. The house may be cleaner, but her sweet wooos will be missed.

We are wooing wooos of sympathy to Anna's family (bi-peds,3 bordercollie sisters & big Newfie sis). And we'll be looking for her bright light to join the dance in the Northern Lights.
~Star & Jack
and humom Pat


The Pooches said...

Thank you so much Pat!
Today is not any easier,My husband is taking it really hard,She was his First dog.

She is sending little signs to let us know she is around.

I really Miss her the house is so empty without her.

Lots of Love to you Pat,Star and Jack.

I really do pray that Sherman has found her and showing her around.

The Husky in the Window said...

Such a sweet girl. She has to be up there with Sherman and I hope she met our Cubby. He's been up there a while and mom just knows he looking after them.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

The Pooches said...

Thank You,Anna's Mom Shianne is also up there,She has been there awhile also,She passed away 6 years or more now,I know she has alot of catching up to do,I just wish i could have had more time with my angel.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Aww, what a beautiful and sweet girl. We hope that she wears her silver harness with pride and runs free of pain at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Army of Four said...

Sweet, beautiful Anna! She can run now without pain, and has been welcomed by all those great pups who went before her! She is without pain now, and can run and play to her heart's content. Know that her spirit is still with you and will always be near to your heart!
We hope your memories will comfort you in time!
With love,
The Army of Four and our bipeds

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Aww, what a story. She looks so gentle & sweet. At least her first family got to be wif her again. Maybe she fould mommy's Shanna to play wif, too. (Mommy had tears in her eyes while reading yur post.)
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That is so sad! Mom says that huskies just don't live long enough.

Steve and Kat

Bama said...

Our mommy's crying too, but said she's sure our Starr & Ice are up there keeping Anna company along with Sherman, Cubby & all the other pups that have gone before. There is no sorrow like that of having to say goodbye to our fuzzy kids, but the sorrow eases with time & the knowledge that they are no longer in pain. Our sad woo's go out to Anna's family but we're glad they at least got to spend some time with their baby girl before the end.
Run free beautiful Anna.
Bama & the RHP

Kapp pack said...

Run Free Sweet Anna! God bless your wonderful family.

Woo wooooo, Kelsey Ann