What...only one day of spring?

We got to go to the dog park on the ONLY spring-like day we've had for three weeks. Many of our friends were there, and Hu-mom was in a picture-snapping mood. On arrival, everyone is required to sign their pee-mail name on the community post. See everyone lining up behind Sherman? The tree-walking hound is Bella. She's a lot of fun, but she's terrified of me. That makes chasing her down all the more fun!

Next: Sherms and Gretchen. Poor dog, they only gave her half-legs with that full body. She makes a good effort at keeping up, though.

Hee's a pic of our favorite pals, Brutus. He's ALL legs. Never seen a dog that could run so fast in my life!

Marty the schnauzer wanted me to roll him on the ground, really! (Hee hee hee)

A small group shot of us planning our next move...

Once Issac the boxer got there, we all ran zoomies. He really gets things going!

So much for spring. It's snowing out now. Which is fine with us huskies, but we get to missing our friends. They don't go to the dogpark in the snow, short-coated whimps. It is good to be a huskie.



Holly said...

Doggie park fun!!!! Looks like you had a great time with lots of doggie friends! I sure wish we could go to a dog park. :(


Windswept's Diamond Royale said...

woo-woo! its me, Royal, from PT! Mom sez to tell you she thinks Brutus is "sooo cute". I just wanna say I wish I was there to play!!! and I am jealous of all your snow!

Shmoo said...

That does look like fun, and that fence looks pathetic. Ever think of just, perhaps, ohhhh jumping over it, just to show off to your friends, and then you can all laugh when your human totally freaks out?

that would be fun too


cyber-sibes said...

Hey fellow huskies, thanks for stopping by! I wish you could join us too, Holly. It would be fun to play with you!

Hi Royal! Good to see you on our blog, you handsome little guy!

Greetings Meeshka, the fence is taller than it looks in the photo, only the deer can jump it. Before our 6' fencing arrived at home, I used to jump our yard fence all the time- and yes, the humans freak out, and yes, I laugh. -Star