Well this whole pet food thing has really boiled over. Seems like almost every cat & dog we know has been affected. Our GSD friend Delila almost died about a month ago, before the media announced ithe tainted food. She was eating some of this stuff! The vet said he thought it might be something in her diet, and thankfully she has recovered, but they came awfully close to putting her down because they had no idea what was causing all the bleeding & stuff.

We've been switched over to Canidae, which is yummy and free of corn, wheat, gluten, and has brown rice grown in the USA. Hu-mom siad it was very pricey, but WE'RE WORTH IT! To be honest, our change of food really had nothing to do with the grain scare, but the grain thing tipped the scales in favor of changing now. Plus, we LOVED the samples of the stuff we got at last year's Adopt-a-Husky Hike!

If your human is looking for a grain-0free food, check it out at www.canidae.com. (courtesy endorsement, we just want eveydog to be healthy.


Turbo the Sibe said...

Nothing's in my bowl. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. My Human is mean!

Okay, I know what you mean. We're fed ProPlan.

Thor said...

Our mom changed us over to Canidae too, right when this recall thing started. Originally we were all on Pedigree, then Mom put us on Authority, then the recall started and she switched us AGAIN, to Canidae. We really like this stuff, and Mom said the same thing, that it's pricey but we're worth it. I'm glad she recognizes that fact--WE already knew we were worth it!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo!!! Yeah, the food thing has had me upset too! I was on Science Diet (what I ate was not recalled). But last October/Nov. mom started talking about switching me to Canidae but never did. She now has switched me. It was between EVO by Natura Pets or Canidae. She went with the EVO because that was what the store in our town had in stock and she didn't want to wait until the next shipment came in. I LOVE it. It has made me gassy, but maybe that will pass. If not, then we can get the Canidae when it comes back in stock.

Hugs, Sitka

Robin said...

We've used Canidae for almost a year with our Lab and our Husky Wyatt is on it too. I've also heard good things about Prairie from many of our rescue members.

Great blog!


Holly said...

Our human has us on Blue Buffalo, then about freaked out when the recall came for it. Luckily, the kind we use did not have the rice protein in it. However, she will be switching cuz she says we are much more important than the money it costs to buy the more expensive stuff (not that Blue Buffalo was cheap!) It's all so very very scary!! I was hoping for homemade stuff like chicken and steak and cheese, but guess that's a no go!

cyber-sibes said...

glad to hear everyone's humans are doing the right thing & spending more on us! I agree, Holly, we should be geting steak & chicken, or salmon & rabbit, or even moose, like our Yukon friends at Wondering Spirits get. But I guess that's asking a bit too much. After all, our humans aren't quite the hunters we are.

Woos to all! Star & Sherms

Holly said...

Moose?? Can they ship some of that down to us? Wonder if it's allergy free?!! Sounds tasty! Maybe I will stop over and ask Tamralyn if she can mail me some!!


Shmoo said...