Sherman's in the Hospital

Hu-mom & dad took Sherman to the Emergency Hospital tonight.

The regular vet did the picture thingy again this morning & said his lungs didn't look good at all. So they ultrsounded him & sucked fluid out of his lungs & said getting him to an Emergency Hospital would be a good idea.

The big hospital vets said he has to stay for a couple days for critical care & tests, and they put him in a little private suite with oxygen so he can actually breathe again. He's also all swelled up and they don't know why, but they aren't too happy about that either.

*sigh* To be honest, it's looking a bit grim. It could be "bad"...or it could be "really bad". Please keep paws crossed it's only "bad."

Very sad woos,

This morning Sherm came over & laid down in my spot, I stayed nearby to give him some moral support. I told him "Don't woo-rry, the humans are gonna catch on any minute now & figure this thing out. You hang in there!"


Holly said...

Oh Star, I am so sorry to hear about Sherman!!! I will keep all paws crossed, and be sure to say lots and lots of prayers for him. I sure wish he get well, very VERY soon!

Hugs and licks to you and your humans!


Lee :) said...

We hope that Sherman gets better soon and the vet finds out what is wrong and can help fix it. Star...it must not be fun not to have your playmate around. We'll be sending warm, hopeful, happy wishes your way!

Turbo the Sibe said...

We are all still thinking about Sherman and the rest of you.

The Husky in the Window said...

We wish you husky kisses and hugs.
We hope he feels better. We will all keep checking.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Star... I am so upset to read this. I, like Holly, will keep my paws crossed and hope and pray that he gets better soon. It was very nice of you to let him lay in your spot. Please keep us posted and be sure to give your humans lots of extra loving.

Big powerful prayer hugs,