Star's poem to Sherman

My poem for Sherman
by Star

Your golden fluff is everywhere,
reminding us that you’re not here.
Our humans grieve, they do not know
you linger still and did not go.
I hear your padded step go by
when, sleeping in the door, I lie.
I feel your fur against my face
as you curl up beside my place.
I feel your warmth; I smell your breath,
You’re here in spite of what’s called “death”.

Oh Sherman, Sherman, my dear boy,
I feel your spirit full of joy,
and yet at sunset, cry for you,
and softly howl a husky woo:
woo-oooo, woo-ooooo, woooooo

A note from Sherman & Star's hu-mom:
We thank you all for your messages, we deeply appreciate them.
May all our beloved furkids play happily at the RB til we meet again.
- Pat


-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hi Star,
You don't know me. My name is Cosmos. I found out about the crossing of your buddy on another Sibe blog. I think your poem is be-woo-tiful! (Mommy got all choked up & teary reading it.) Mommy gets sad when she thinks about her Shanna who she lost this past December. She says that even though it was hard at the time of her passing, she knew that Shanna was finally pain-free & would be running & jumping around on all 4 legs with all of her old Sibe friends. Stop by my blog sometimes to say 'woo-hi' & to read about me & my new bruther, Juneau.

Anna said...

Star this is Roxey. Mommy and I think that the poem you wrote Sherman is wonderful...just like he was.
I know you miss him (I know what it's like to miss your brother)but things will get better. Your family loves you bunches and so do all of us doggies and our humans.

Lots of tail wags and husky woo's to you.

The Husky in the Window said...

What a beautiful poem. My Mom was crying when she read it to us.
Husky woos to you all.

Holly said...

How very beautiful!!! I had tears pouring down my sad furry cheeks. Sherman will always be with you in spirit and will be waiting at the bridge to meet you all again one day.

Hugs to you all,


Franki V said...

Dear Star,
I learned of Sherman's crossing from Opy's blog. It makes me howl to think of the sorrow that your humans are feeling. Our humans suffer so much when our time comes.
You have a big job ahead of you to keep them from crying too much. I like to think that we will all meet one day on the other side.

Phred said...

Dance, Sherman ~

Dance in the Light, Sherman,
Dance in the Light,
Dance with the Angels,
Dance all Day and all Night ...
Dance in the Light.

Fly High, Dear Sherman ...
May the Fair Winds of God's Breath
Fill Your Angel Wings.

Visit your Earthly Home each night, Dear Sherman;
Dry the Tears of Hu-Mom and Hu-Dad With the soft flutter of your Angel Wings ...

Then visit you grieving Sister Star ~
Brush away her demons with your Wings,
That she might sleep the night ...

Now return to your Eternal Rest,
North of the Rainbow Bridge,
Your job well done.

Pat, JoJoe, and Star ...
Here's a HeartFelt {{{HUG}}} for each of you.

With Love,
/s/ Phred

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Star... what a beautiful poem. I thank you and your family for sharing it with us. We still want you to know that we are still sending postive thoughts and prayers to you all.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Beautiful.....absolutely beautiful..thanks for sharing.

Look after eachother.


The Brat Pack said...

What a heartfelt and sweet poem. We know Sherman is watching you with lots of love.

Lee :) said...

What a beautiful poem. It is very well written and a great way to cherish your memories of Sherman.

We hope the days are filled with wonderful memories and that having Star helps ease the grief a tiny bit.

Bama said...

Hi Star,
Bama here. We've never met before, I'm just training my humom in this blogging thing, but we were following some links from Meeshka's page and came upon your site. We are all so sad to hear about your loss of Sherman, your poem was beautiful, though. It made my humom cry, we lost the granddogs in our pack last year, our Starr was almost 17, and her (almost) lifelong companion Ice was almost 16, it seems he thought she needed him on the other side of RB more than we needed him here because he followed her within 3 weeks. I'm sure that Sherman has met them by now, and they're all running free together, all our husky and human hearts are with you in this terrible time of sadness. As my mom says of our granddogs, "if love could have saved him, he would have lived forever".
soft and loving wooos to you, and your humans.
The River Hill Pack