my new dog park

Congratulations Meeshka! A great bolg-a-thon completed!
And hey, look, I won a barking non-shedding husky - somebody to talk to! Thanks, Meeshka!

This is what I did Sat. afternoon:
After my humans got done with their work, they took me to a new dog park. It's not at all like my old one (in a real park, lots of trees, spring water, nice nice nice). It's basically a fenced in area filled with mulch. There are a few benches around, and that's about it...and ya gotta bring your own water. But the dogs & people were nice. After surveying the entire boundry, I said hello to a couple of other newcomers. The white boxer was fun to play with, and I liked the little red fluffy guy a lot too.
There were a couple kids there, they were fun. They had a very friendly little Jack Russell named Snowbelle that didn't want to leave me alone, but she was kinda cute so I let her tag along for most of my border trip. Several other dogs showed up, and at least I got to go offleash for a while. My humans are talking about getting me a new friend, they think I'm pretty lonely. Hmmm, maybe not such a bad idea...


Holly said...

Wow, what a great toy! I won a couple great stuffies too! I loved blogathon, it was so great this year.

Looks like you have a lot of fun at the dog park.

I sure hope you get a new friend soon. It is much better with siblings! I'm sure there are plenty of Sibes out there who need a new home. Good luck.


The Army of Four said...

You might get a new friend!?!? Wow, that's exciting! Be sure to keep us posted!
Tail wags,

Phred said...

"My humans are talking about getting me a new friend, they think I'm pretty lonely. Hmmm, maybe not such a bad idea ..."

Hey Star ~

You been *checkin* onna front porch for a Lonely Pal?
We're SURE Sherman has taken sum applications and sent 'em down fur review ... maybee you're gonna have to give sum Interviews of da prospective candy-dates.

Good Luck findin a Buddy!!
/s/ Yur Palz,
Cinder & Smokey

Roxey, Huney & Bon said...

Hey Star,
Cute little non-shedding buddy you got there, but it sounds like you could possibly get a buddy of the shedding kind! I'm sure you'd L-O-V-E that:-)
Glad you had fun at the park and met some new friends (that little golden one reminds me of Huney).
Lots of (((HUGS))) to you and mommy.

Anna, Roxey, Huney & Bon

Phred said...

NO TREES inna Park???

We otta *fix* dat!

How's about we save our penniez an get us a "Sherman Memorial Tree & Bench - Eastern" ta put in your Park?

Ask Mom to check wiffa Park Manager Purson - see iffin we could do that.

We'll grab Dad's Plastik Munny Kard
an offer da First Pledge!

(Keep Checkin onna front porch - sumpin otta be showin up any day!)

/s/ Cinder & SmokeMutt

Sasha said...

Oh, we have those stuffies here, too. Ray found them and chewed the eyes out of them. I think he decided if he doesn't have eyes, neither can the stuffies.

The Husky in the Window said...

Your dog park looked fun. A new friend? My mom saw this pup on MaPaw, called Rocky, he's soooo cute. You have to check him out.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Phred said...

:The Scoop" on a Sherman Tree

Humom Pat called the Park Manager Guy - Scott about a Memorial Tree in the barren Dawg Park ...

"Here's the deal - the location of the dogpark is actually temporary. The Parks Dept. doesn't own the land, and it is slated to be demolished whenever the State gets around to building that new off-ramp from the highway there. He said he'd feel really bad if Sherm's Tree got bulldozed under after only a couple years."

So we'll be *thinkin* 'bout this.

/s/ Cinder & Smokey

The Brat Pack said...

That's a great Husky, if only it shed then it would be perfect.

A new friend??? That could be exciting!!! Keep us posted.

Phred said...

It's Toosday ...
Are you guys headed back east, yet?
(Inna RAIN)

Drive Safe ...
Star - are you helpin by readin da MAP? Word hazzit Humom isn't so red-hot wiff map-readin.

Hope ya manage to find your way back to the NewHowze beside da BigPond.

How'd da Mission go?

/s/ Cinder & Smoke