what now? baffling : (

Just a short post. Sherman ended up back at the vets yesterday. While he has stopped coughing and seems to have a bit more energy, his legs are swelling up. This goes beyond what a poofy husky should look like. He cries when he has to stand up. He is baffling them with his symptoms. They took more of his blood out for more expensive...I mean, extensive tests. Well, there goes my stuffie budget for this year. I hope he's fixable.

Wooo is me,

P.S. Thanks for tagging us, husky friends, but Hu-mom is kind of crazy right now and will aswer the tag thing as soon as she can settle her brain down. Sorry for the delay...


Turbo the Sibe said...

We're thinking of woo!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh no Star... Thank woo for letting us know what is going on with Sherman. Please send our loves and prayers to Sherman!!! We sure hope he gets better and that he is going to be ok.
Sitka and Tia (and mom, shelli)

Lee :) said...

Oh, we're sorry to hear that Sherman had to go back to the vet. Getting more tests done isn't fun or cheap. We hope the vet figures out what is wrong so Sherman can feel top notch soon.

Holly said...

We would rather know about Sherman, and make sure he is going to be ok! Please keep us updated!

Prayers being sent his way.


elyse said...

Sherman, I would like woo to feel much, much better! Hugs and prayers.