Sachuest continues...Wed

We saw:


and Sand-castles
(Hmmm, a sturdy structure!)

Star looked over and said - "See what's ahead?"

a Shiloh Shepherd
(He was BIG puppyhead- only 14 months old!)
...and there's still more scenes to share tomorrow!

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Such Sharing!


That is whant handsome and furry large puppyhead!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says she'll try to get some upkhlose and pawsonal shots of the blossoms!

Noll's Nip said...

Why, "Shello" to you too! That was sweeeeet!

Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Did you catch any crabs or eat any seaweed?

Big puppyhead

The OP Pack said...

Hello to you two - that's a lot of shellwork. And what a big boy that puppy head is. We need to get to Sachuest so we can meet up with you two as well.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

The Army of Four said...

I"ve never heard of Shiloh Shepherds! He looked VERY handsome!
Did you find anything stinky to eat?

The Thundering Herd said...

Did you "claim" the sand castle? Rusty would have.

Biloxi and Siber-sibs said...

Was woo standing on a wittle bridge at da sand castle? Any fishies in da moat?
Dat was a handsome Shiloh!

Husky kisses,

Tracey and Huffle said...

That puppy looks nearly as big as my Uncle Buckley!

Huffle Mawson

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrr Star of the seven seas and Black Jack a roo
What a cool beach Harrrr. Happy late birthday Black Jack a roo Harrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Pedro said...

That is a beautiful beach! It looks alot like my beach except our waves are alot bigger. That is a huge puppyhead! I can't wait to see more pictures!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Did you line up those seashells like that? You should have said "Woo".