NPA - #9 Visiting Steve & Kat

After leaving our Wandering Spirits friends, we stopped by to see Steve & Kat in their new home. It was lots of fun playing together! Steve & Kat were excellent hosts, but we're getting anxious now to be home. We'll use a few of Santa's shortcuts, and we should be back home by Christmas Eve! Good thing, too, cause my boy is there waiting for me now!!!
Be sure to put out some treats for Santa's sled team as well as his reindeer!
Wooos to you from the home front soon!
Star, Jack a-roo, and A. Penguin too!


Phred said...

Another *Howdie Stop* on the way home ... you guys have Friends all Over!

*Wave* when ya run past da Ranch -
we'd have ya stop fur a *Howdie* but we know yo wanna get home to see Your Boy - so keep on pushin East.

Did Tehya fix ya up wiffa baggie of Yummy Chummies?
Phish never tasted so good!

Merrie Christmas to Star and Jack-a-rooo ... pass or Greeting on to Hu-Mom and Hu-Dad, too.

Happie Trail!
/s/ Cinder & SmokeMutt

sharkgila said...

That['s a nice pix of you guys together! Oooh-oh, I wish I could go on such an interesting journey as you guys did. SO much fun to read your adventures!

Merry Christmas to woo guys!


Amici said...

Wow, you got to see two awesome husky pals. :) You're a lucky pup.

We hope you have safe travels back. :) Have a very Merry Christmas!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thanks so much for coming to see us! We loved playing with you two!! ;-)

Steve and Kat

Bama said...

Howrooo pups,
we've gotten mom to paw you an email twice, but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable. We attached our Christmas card, it is an .exe attachment & mama says she thinks that gmail may be blocking it as a potential virus. Anywoo, our addr is hans822 at bellsouth dot net.
Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas homecoming, full of love and joy, & special Christmas kisses for my Jack-o-hearts,
Mikki & the RHP

Shmoo said...

Wishing all of woo a very merry christmas and happy woo year

Meeshka and the gimpies