We made it! We made it to the North Pole!
We arrived late yesterday, thanks to Santa's back-up team of huskies. Santa's North Pole home is wonderful! Everything everydog could want is here - bones, toys, sleepy beds, treats, and the best food! We ate, we played, we napped. And... we met Santa! He was very busy, going over his list of good dogs, because it's almost time for his big run. You'll all be very happy to know that EVERY one of you was on the list - all our blogging dog buddies, and all of our Petalk pals, too. (Even demon-puppy Juneau, in spite of those little sock & blankie incidents. Santa said he makes allowences for huskies who act like huskies...whew!) So be watching for the goodies to arrive!

Friends, I know this post is going to be really long, but our meeting with Santa was so awesome, I had to put it to rhyme last night. This post ends after our meeting, but we will be posting a couple parting shots tomorrow, before we start the trip back home. Stay tuned!
By Star

Dear Santa,

We’ve brought our Penguin friend to you, over ice & snow,
we’re hoping you have time for us, because we want to know
if you can make him whole again, replace the chewed off parts.
it really means a lot to us, he’s special to our hearts.

Then Santa sat beside us, took our Penguin in his hand,
He raised his eyes towards heaven, looking far above the land.
The sky was full of dancing lights, whose magic filled our eye,
and I thought of my dear Sherman, and I began to cry.

Santa quickly reached to pet me, “Don’t you fret, my pretty Star,
Sherman’s dancing in those lights above, he’s never very far.
And Penguin… as for Penguin, I shall tell you what I know:
“Whole” doesn't mean a body.... it means “a well-loved soul”.

“Now Penguin, from what I can see, you’re loved beyond repair,
Your ‘perfect’ to these Huskies and they both must truly care,
to make a long hard journey to where Santa’s workshop lay,
to ask if I could patch you up, extend your life a day.

But you’re not in need of fixing, you are fine the way you are,
So there’ll be no new limbs for you, just a change of heart.
From now on, you’ll see beauty in the way you have become,
by tenderly de-stuffing you, they’ve given you their love.”

The lights above us danced again, and we will never forget
what Santa said next to us all, he said “Have no regrets,
for in the dancing Northern lights, the souls of huskies play.
Star and Jack, now be assured, you’ll join your friend one day.

“The Huskies there are not alone, each one may bring a toy,
a special gift that they have loved, because it brought them joy.
These toys, made whole by Husky love, will never break again,
but squeaked and tugged and Husky-loved, will take their place as friend.

Then Santa stood and turned to go, he gave our Penguin back,
Penguin looked a little brighter now, his eyes beamed shiny-black.
We looked at him through Husky eyes, and saw him smile wide,
He seems content and whole and loved, quite happy by our side.

The Northern lights danced once again, and I saw Sherman there,
and we could see some toys, but Sherman’s wasn’t anywhere.
“I left the thing that brought me joy, to bring the same to you,”
he woo’d to me, “Keep Penguin safe, because I loved him too.”

No one can give a better gift than something that they've loved,
so Penguin stayed behind with us, while Sherman went above.
One day we’ll all play once again, in dancing lights, with joy-
three Huskie souls, and the friend we loved; the soul of Penguin toy.

~Merry Christmas!
Loving woos and a-rooos,

Star, Sherman,
Jack-a-roo, and A. Penguin too!


Roxey, Huney & Bon said...

I'm so glad you two made it to Santa's!

I read your rhyme and it made me cry. Not tears of sadness, but of joy.

(((HUGS))) to you all

cyber-sibes said...

Wooos, Roxey & pack, we've been thinking of you, too. Your mommy might recognize one pic of Sherman - remember when she gave him one of Roxey's birthday pup-cakes at the dogpark? : ) )

Phred said...


Eyes are leakin again.

Glad you guys made it to Santa's Workshop and got A. Penguin looked after. Sounds like he's good to go till Eternity ... now don't be *droppin* him inna drink onna way home!

We'll be looking for Sherman the next time we spot The Lights in the Northern Sky.

Safe Trip & Trails on the way back Home.

/s/ Cinder & Smokey

sharkgila said...

You made it! You made it!
The poem is beautiful. And so is Sherman, dancing in the northern lights.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That is a great story. I liked the pictures of Sherman too. He looks so pretty.


Holly said...

What a be-woo-tiful story! I had tears thinking of Sherman. He looks so beautiful in the Northern Lights. Right were he belongs, over the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm glad you made it to Santa's too and that A. Penguin is safe.

What a fun trip you all had!

Bama said...

Oh my Dog, that was SO beawootiful, it made mama cry, but Sherman looks so happy dancing in the lights! Before you leave please ask him to tell our Starr & Ice how much we love and miss them, and wish we could be there to see them dancing in the lights with your sweet Sherman. Christmas kisses, pups, and have a safe trip back home.
PS, Jack-a-Roo, Mik says she sends her love & special kisses just for woo.

elyse said...

Yay, Star and Jack! You made it! Woo-ey Christmas to you! (((hugs)))

Your Fan,

The Army of Four said...

Wowzers, guys! Congratulations on making it to the North Pole! Me and Dave are going to try to stay up to meet Santa again this year - last year, we made it all the way to 9:30! I hope we do better this year.
The picture show of Sherman dancing in the Northern Lights is incredibly beautiful! That and the poem were so touching - Mom got those salty wet things on her cheeks.
Glad A. Penguin is OK!!!
Play bows,

Kapp pack said...

Love the pics of Sherman! He was such a bewootiful husky. I wish I would have been able to know him a little longer!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Team Husky said...

All we can say is WOW!!!

What an amazing poem and what bewootiful pics of Sherman....we wish we had of gotten to know him before he joined our sister Tara at the Rainbow Bridge.

We see Tara sometimes in the sky with our Pop that we never got to meet (our Mom's Dad), they are always the brightest stars:)

Your Mom is real clever
Prince & Summer