NPA #3: Greetings from Halifax!

We're having a howling good time here in Halifax - these humans are NUTZ about huskies!!! Everywhere we go, we see caps, jackets, & scarves, buses & billboards with pictures of us huskies on them! Banners and signs say "Go Huskies!" and "Good Luck, Huskies!" We love this town! I thought at first that HULA had finally succeeded in taking over, but we didn't see any HULA operatives around. I guess these bipeds just have the common sense to appreciate the finer qualities of our noble breed. Very refreshing!

Jack & I met a beluga whale we were out on the ocean. He told us all about his adventures swimming in the arctic waters, and gave us pointers, like "avoid the white bears". "Don't trust anything with tusks." How can we not trust him, with a face like this?

Jack's got quite a face right now too. He followed his nose right into a mud puddle! Ha-roo-roo-roo! "Got Puppyhead?"

OK, ok, it's just mud. Gotta go - don't want to miss the next boat out of here. On to Baffin Bay!

Wooos and a-roooos,
Star and "MudPuppy-head" Jack
(sending special ha-roos to Mikki - how do you feel about mud? ~ your Jack-o- hearts)


Holly said...

I think we need to move there if they worship Sibes that much!

What a great pic of Jack!!


Bama said...

Howroo Jack-of-my-Heart,
I love mud, it's the closest we can get to rolling in snow here in FL, and you always look SO handsome, whatever you're wearing! Wish I was there to get muddy with you, and it sounds so cool to find a whole human city that worships huskies! Finally, an entire community of sensible humans. If all the HULA operatives, and all the A04 inductees moved there I bet we could rule the city, the mayor would hand us the golden key! Waiting on the edge of my chair for your next travel report, and praying daily for you & Starr to have a safe trip.
Loving kisses,
Mikki (& the rest of the pack)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That's so great that the whole town loves huskies! We see some of that around here now, usually followed with something about the University of Washington. I don't know what that has to do with huskies. Mom likes it because the husky stuff is usually purple and she loves purple.


sharkgila said...

A husky paradise. Yes we should be worshiped *wink.

Ho ho, cute muddy nose there.