The Cars & Names Games!

Wooos and A-rooooos, everyone!

We've been tagged for a couple of new games, so here goes...
"What kind of car are you?"

Star -
Something classy, beautiful, with a lot of pizazz under the hood-- My boy always said I'd look great riding in his silver Mazda RX-7, so I guess that's a good choice for me:

Sherman isn't here so I'll pick for him. This little "Wagonar" fits him - it's gold, it's compact, and everyone thinks it's cute & sweet. Of course Sherman was much better looking, but I'm going for essence here:

I'd like to pick one for Rosie, my RB sister & friend. Mom always said walking her was like trying to walk a bulldozer. since you've never met her, I'll put a picture of her, too:

Now I'll turn it over to Jack.... let's see what the puppyhead picks

Jack here -
I think I'd be a Subaru siberian Outback --- hey, that IS what Mom drives! I'm picking it because it's very sharp looking, like me. It's got good agility, like me. It's just the right size, like me. It's fun, just like me!

I don't know what "tag someone" means, so I'll just say, if you haven't done this game, yet, consider yourself tagged!

The second game we've been tagged for is the nick-name game:
Star: Staruvian, Staruvian the Artuvian, Pretty Girl, Star-roo, Wolf, and "The Beautiful Ba-roo"
Sherman: Shermansky, Shermie, Sherms, Butter-boy, Handsome, and "the Shermanator"
Rosie: Rosie-Posey, Rosa-Rita, Rosie-beans, Beans
Jack: Jack-a-roo, Jackets, Jackers, Wacky Jackie, Wookie-boy, Batman


Bama said...

We love those nicknames, specially Beautiful Ba-Roo, and Butterbeans! When I wrestle with Mikki, she sometimes makes a noise like a Wookie, and mom & dad call her that, we forgot to add that one to our list...Great nicknames (and Rosie was really beauwootiful). Mom said she reminded her of her best friends master that crossed over the RB, Draco. Hope they're playing fun games together while they wait for the rest of us to catch up.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh those are some good nicknames you all!!! The cars are totally awesome!!! Don't you love these kind of games???

elyse said...

Hello, Star and Jack (a.k.a. Beautiful Ba-Roo and Jack-ARoo)! I just came to say hello and see pictures of YOU! My cat's nickname is Cassie Lassie.

Your fan,

The Husky in the Window said...

We like the vehicles you'all picked and the nicknames are great! Someone has to come up with more fun games for us.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Kapp pack said...

Great answers!!!!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann