We're back, Jack!

We're back from our trip. Of course, our empty kennel-house wasn't the same without Sherman, and I didn't want to stay there alone. Hu-mom let me stay inside with her, which was good because it was 97 degrees and the big house is air-conditioned. It was soooo good to be back at my old dogpark. I played with some of my old friends & a couple new ones. I got to go see my boy, too. He drove me to a big kennel with lots of huskies! See me, I got the whole compound to myself for a while!

Then a crazed husky boy came flying into the kennel and stomped all over me, can you imagine? I was not too pleased. I wisely left the compound and watched a whole howling pack of huskies charge in. Good thing I left, cause they were zooming all over the place crashing into each other. Mom got a picture during a break in the action:

My hu-mom & boy bravely waded into the middle of all those kissing huskies. See that lt. red one? that's Sherman's mama, Cara. She covered my mom's face with kisses, and they both chatted about Sherman. I don't like being cried on, but Cara didn't seem to mind. She just kept kissing my hu-mom. She kissed my boy, too.

Syd, Sherman's dad, and his sister Tori were also there, and mom cried again when she saw Syd, cause Sherman looked a lot like his dad. I think Sherman got his sweetness from his mama, though. I was in a run by Syd and told him off. I forget about what, probably about having been stomped on.
The craziest thing happened. I don't know who decided this one, but when we got ready to go, that husky boy (whose name it turns out, is Jack) gave his mom a big hug & kiss....and climbed into the car with us! What the...?

We drove for hours and finally stopped at a dog-hotel (they let people stay too). Will you just look at me! I slept like a Queen!

Goofy boy just jumped from bed to bed for silliness & belly rubs. After a long walk in a park, (and a hamburger) we fell asleep.

We made it home, and showed Jack around. I don't know about him, he's been a real pain the butt. We've had a couple tiffs, and if it were up to me, I'd send Jack back today. But he's using his good looks and fun personality to make the humans want him to stick around, so now they expect ME to make up & be friends. Hey, he started it.
Look at this face, see what I mean? How can they say "go away" to those eyes? I can. Easily. "GO AWAY."

*sigh* I think I'm stuck with him for a while. My people say they want to give us a chance to work it out. Yeah, sure, after he tromps all over me in my own house. Well, I'm avoiding him. We'll see. You know what they say --
"It ain't over till the fluffy husky howls."



Phred said...

Remember what you said, Star: "Of course, our empty kennel-house wasn't the same without Sherman, and I didn't want to stay there alone.

This New Kid inna Howze has been Sherman Approved - so let's just >grinn< & *bear it* and make him feel welcome. You can still be Boss Dawg ... but please don't beat him up tellin him that!

Now take a *Chill Pill* and go chase him around the howze for a while!

Hang IN there, BOTH of you!
/s/ Cinder & Smokey

Holly said...

Oh Star, I'm so excited for you! I sure hope you warm up to Jack, he is such a cutie! He will keep you company and be a great new brother for you. I know Sherman will be very happy to know that you will no longer be alone. I'm just sure he gives Jack his blessings to make both you and your humans very happy!


The Husky in the Window said...

Star what good news! You have to give Jack a chance. He's probably just showing off. Us younger pups do that. I'm sure you'all will be good friends.

You had a fun trip and stayed at a hotel. How cool was that.

Keep us updated on you and Jack.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Star, this is great news! I am excited for you to have a new house mate! I am sure you will grow to love Jack. I know he won't take the place of Sherman, but I am sure he will be good for you!!!

Amici said...

Very exciting Star! No pup can beat Sherman but Jack looks like a fun loving pup...we hope you give him a chance. Who knows...he may surprise you!

Arwen said...

Hey Star,

Give the new boy a chance. He has a mischievous twinkle in his eye that I like. I'm sure Sherman would approve of him.


Roxey, Huney & Bon said...

So Star...how's it going with the new boy Jack? Have you two worked anything out yet? I sure hope you do because it would tickle your momma for sure if you two could get along.
I'll be checking in to see if there's any new news;)
Anna, Roxey, Huney & Bon

elyse said...

Sweet Star ... just checking in to see how you and Jack are faring. I hope each day is better and better. Could you please have your hu-mom give you some petting for me?

Thank you,

Phred said...


How goes the New Roomie, Star?
Are you guys at least being "civil" to each other?

Have you dragged him down to the Bark Park yet? Hope you remembered to bring him back Home afterwards.

We'll all hope that no news is a somewhat good sign, and that Jack has started to Get Wiffa Programme amd slide into a permanent slot, although probably NOT on the "Top of the Heap".

Let us know How things age goin.

/s/ Cinder & Smokey

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hey, Star, we are behind on your blog. Good luck with Jack! He's so handsome! (Steve says he looks like him.)

Steve and Kat