Dogpark day

I got to make a couple new husky friends at the local dogpark, which is why I'm smiling...

Two very nice husky boys were there, very happy to play with such a lovely lady husky as myself. Didn't catch the name of this silver guy, but I hope he comes back. We had a great time together.

The second (and very handsome) husky dude is Moon, who also happens to live right down the block from me. We've woo'd at each other while on walks, & he's very mellow. He is the one with the arrow pointing at him in the next pic. (Hu-mom will try to get a nice portrait of his handsome face sometime)

Jack's first trip to a dogpark was...let's just say, a start. He spent some of his time on a leash, because he was just waaay over the top too enthusiatic for several very young puppies whose owners would like them to survive to reach adult dogdom. But he did get to run offleash too, and raced around with a husky/greyhound boy ...man, they were FAST FAST FAST!
(OK, hu-mom just reminded me that when I was Jack's age, one of my favorite dogpark pastimes was rolling terrified puppies & small dogs... I guess Jack'll grow out of it, too)

Hu-mom didn't realize till she was loading my pics that this next photo is full of huskies...The big fluffy husky butt is Moon, the bigger fluffball behind him is Toby (looks like he has some husky in him), then Jack sniffing in the corner, Hu-mom, me off to her right, a GSD devil-dog (click the pic & just look at those eyes!)...and if you'll notice the U-haul directly behind us -- it's got huskies on it too! All in all, it was "husky day" at the dogpark.


Holly said...

Wow, that's so cool that there were so many huskies there to play with you! The U-haul is cool!

Looks like you had a very fun day.

elyse said...

I'm glad there were a lot of other huskies to play with you at the dog park! And I hope you and puppyhead are getting along better and better every day. Here are some big hugs for both of you [[[[HUGS]]]]...

Holly said...

Hey you two!! I have tagged you for a new game. Check out my blog!


Phred said...

Jackie was "over the top", huh?

That's never been said about you, I suppose? *snikker*

Look at it this way, Star --- Jack spends all his energy *towing* Hu-Mom around the Dawg Park ... he's got nuffin left to *bug* you with!

Happie Lil Brudder!
/s/ Cinder & SmokeMutt

Amici said...

Whoa! You really were at a "husky" dog park that day. Looks like you had a blast. I love running free at the dog park.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow that looks like it was a super fun day at the park!!! Very awesome that it kinda turned into a husky day a the park :)