Monday's View from the Moo: looking back...

We had this great post planned fur the Monday after Mother's Day, 
but Mom says she's been "really busy" and hasn't had time to post.
We're not buying it, but, what do we know?  
We're just "dogs".....*snicker snicker*

 Mother's Day, Dad taking pics of Mom
(notice how I got his attention away from Mom?)

We all went for a wonderful walk at Brenton's Point.  
We haven't been there fur ages!

Jack, looking handsome.

Jack & me,  lookin' goooood!

A "dad & me" moment:

Me, busy tracking sea-smells

Mom Day photo op:  at the Memorial bench that says "Jack" on it

And "smile fur the camera", one more time....

OK, Jack.  
I think we fulfilled out photo contract,  lets get back to business!
So much to sniff!!

And that is this week (or two's) 
View from the Moo!

Miss Moo


The Army of Four said...

Oh, does that ever look like a wonderful place to explore!!!
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

FiveSibesMom said...

Wow, what a wonderful Mother's Day - absolutely love the beautiful shot of Jack & Moo looking good on the rocks in front of the water - just gorgeous! We think they always look good anyhow! Hope your Mother's Day was grand - sure looks like it!