Monday's View from the Moo: Jack's so clever!

Ha-roo everyone!  Hope your easter Day was relaxing and full of good stuff.  We got tasty tastes from the yummy dinner mom made fur our pack & our friends.  Mr. & Mrs.  Easter Bunny stayed out of our yard, though, which was probably wise on their part!

Well, Jack has been busy destroying cones.  He's getting really good at it!  
The original cone (pictured below)  fell victim to his repeated attempts at rampaging thru the pine trees and bushes....
Mom & dad came home from a trip to the store and found its remnants dangling from his collar.  Mom found more pieces out in the yard under the pines.

Next, Mom tried this dandy jet-fighter headgear designed specifically for eye protection.  
Jack threw himself on the ground and did somersaults till he could get a paw under the strap and yank it off.   Mom & dad tried again the next day, but by then, Jack had figured out how to swipe it right off his head.  Then mom tied it to his collar, and he got out of it and his collar!

Here he is in was Cone of Shame #2.  This one lasted about 24 hours before he cracked it in several places by ramming his way thru the dog door.
Dad patched it up with packing tape.   The process had to be repeated about 6 hours later for Jack's newest set of cracks.  Mom says that at this rate, she will have to duck-tape the whole thing to make it last till his Thursday vet visit.  

Anyone care to bet on the odds that he'll be out of it long before Thursday?

I'll keep woo posted....
And that's this week's veiw from the Moo!

Miss Moo

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Elyse K said...

Oh boy, Jack! You have been through a few cones for sure! It's Tuesday morning as I'm typing this, and I hope your eye has healed enough that Hu-Mom and Dad can leave the cone off now. I'm glad the cyst is gone. Big hugs to woo and Miss Moo! xoxo