Cracker Jack

*Mom just learned that entrants are not eligible to enter more than one category in Mango Minster, and since I'm already "Jack, the Adventure Animal".... this is just for woo all to enjoy! (Duh, Mom...next time read ALL the rules, ok?)

Now, I know no one thinks of me as a cracker dog, but, I'm going to share a secret:
I'm an easy-going patient kind of pup,
but when my sisfur Moo gets in one of her moods
and won't let up pestering me for days on end,
I go totally CRACKER DOG!

My fiercest Cracker Dog face!

This was the moment before....
I gave her plenty of warning!!!
...and a few moments after...
Doesn't matter if it's winter
or Fall
Her pestering makes me go CRACKERS!

Here's a video of some Cracker Jack moments -

I hope woo will still think of me as a sweet thoughtful boy,
but mom said she couldn't pass up the chance to show my
Cracker Jack side, especially as most of the time
woo see Moo pinning me to the ground-
I try hard to be a Good Boy, but I do have my limits!!!
(and I hope my furiend Loki especially enjoys this - woo are my inspiration for crackerness!)

A-roos to yous,
Cracker Jack a-roo


Suka said...

hey Jack,

I am furry impressed! Those are pawsome Cracker Dog pictures, and the video rocked! I think you have the Cracker Dog down perfectly. Good luck in Mango's contest!

I don't have a sisfur but I can certainly understand how they can cause a Cracker Dog to emerge. BOL! No offense sweet Moo! :->


FiveSibesMom said...

Those are some pretty awesome Cracker Jack pics! Like Suka, we loved that video! We wish you lots of luck...you have a great entry! (And we know you are still a sweet boy!)

Susan said...

If I only had my camera on hand for every time my huskies play like that...Great pics, and I love reading your blog! :)

Finn said...

Great pictures, I love those fang shots. You are definitely a cracker dog, good luck with your other entry!

Kari in Vegas said...

haha those are great photos

Stop on by for a visit

Wild Dingo said...

Jack, you always struck me as on suave hipster. You know: cool, calm and solid as wig. It turns my crank to see you break out the crackery, Daddy-O! Your crackatude is A-1,top of the heap my friend! I bow to your cracker greatness!