The View from the Moo: Jonny Walker's Tale of Bravery

Woo woo, everyone! I have a furry special View from the Moo today. But first, a little pupdate on Dad's project. It wasn't furry interesting. No new bench, or boat, or anything Sibe-related. He built a new landing at the bottom of the basement steps. Mom's excited, cause the old landing was squishy, but it doesn't do anything fur us. We decided to stay outside, & played chase thru the trees.

Here I am, inside the trees.
Here's Jack, outside the trees.
Then we'd change places. Mom thought she got a movie, but, surprise, she musta hit the wrong button, so woo will have to use your imooginations instead.

Now, fur the "Special" part of today's post:
Mom has been a member of another animal lover's board, called Pet Talk, for many years but just caught up to this story over the weekend. We just gotta share it with woo!

Jonny is a stray living happily in a community in Louisiana, with 3 "homes" whose families look after him. On July 18th, 3 teens lured him off his cozy porch, smashed him in the face with a baseball bat, and ran off. Broken and bleeding, Jonny crawled back onto his porch, where one of his owners found him after work. Jonny was rushed to an emergency vets: his nose was broken, jaw was broken in 2 places and he had several teeth knocked out. The vets said they would keep Jonny over the weekend, but the owners had to figure out how to cover the bill (first estimated at $2000-3000) before they could begin treatment.

So Jason, one of Jonny's caretakers, appealed to the Pet Talk community for help. Many Pet Talkers have gotten involved, helping Jonny's families raise donations and find sources of funding. Jonny's total bill was over $4600, (including a neuter & heartworm treatments) and all but the last couple hundred have now been covered by donations. Isn't that amoozing?

Fortunately there was a witness to the attack, and the kids who did this were caught. The animal cruelty case against them is still pending, but, since they're all minors, probably not much will happen. But the biggest thing Jonny's families hope for is to spread the word about animal abuse. Jonny's become a real spokesdog, with local TV media coverage, facebook & u-tube sites, and everything. His gentle and cheerful disposition amazes everyone who meets him, and in spite of this horrible attack, he still wants to be everybody's furiend.

We say, "Go, Jonny, Go!"

Jonny: post surgery
He was released to return home, and a happy but tearful goodbye was broadcast on TV. He'll spend his new life as an "inside" pet, and will rotate between all 3 of his families.

You can follow his whole story on Pet Talk, but let your humans know that the first post contains a very graphic & upsetting image (although a blurry one), of how Jonny's looked when his owner first found him that awful day.
Post #443 has an address, if anyone wishes to send a donation to his medical fund. We helped mom paw one off today.

Way to go, Pet talkers! A big 4-paws up to everyone who has come to Jonny's aid, and we wish him a full recovery and many years of happiness!

And that's today's View from the Moo, toodle-woo!

Miss Moo


Jacqueline said...

Oh, this is so upsetting; I am so glad poor, sweet Jonny will recover from such terrible abuse...This was not an accident or mistake=those children have evil souls; anyone who could do something like that to a sweet pet is evil to the core...I'm sorry, but that is the nicest thing I can say about something so hateful and mean...Blessings to Jonny.

Sam said...

I'm glad I'm alone in my hotel room, I had a few choice words to see about those kids. Poor Johnny. I'm glad people reached out to help him.


Kira The BeaWootiful and Mom said...

Wooos! Poor Johnny, there are times Mom would like to take a baseball bat to the humans that do this type of thing... the years or recovery fur this dogs who have been abused is lengthy. Let us hope that Johnny does not have bad memories of this, and the human kindness that surrounds him now will have an everlasting effect.
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

The Army of Four said...

We'd like to hear what Sam and Monty's mom's words are, because we bet they're the same ones our mom is saying.......

Sychoberians said...

We just can't comment anymore on the low life scum who do this to animals.

Thank Dog for the great people helping out poor Jonny and who donated to the care and treatment.

Remy and Flash

The Thundering Herd said...

As we have come to believe, there are far more good humans than bad. A couple of idiots caused a lot of pain, but hundreds of people responded to help.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Phred said...

We're fuuy thankful that Our "abused FurKid"
(Smokey) was finally able to forgivex
the abuse that "a man" inflicted on him as a puppy. :(

Smoke was almost 2 years old before he
would trust more than 5 different men to even touch him.

Full of Grace said...

this post made me cry...so glad johnny is "okay" although he won't be the same after what happened to him, hopefully he will heal both physically and mentally.

Huffle Mawson said...

Rotten stinking kids. I'm glad Jonny is getting the help and love he needs.

Wild Dingo said...

wow. what a story about Johnny. It astounds me that people and KIDS can be so not remoresful. I read the story in the link and could not believe the child wasn't sorry. frightening indeed.
trust no body when it comes to your best fur-friends. i learn that lesson over and over myself.
hope johnny feels better soon.