Windy-Mill is fixed!

We went fur a ride with mom to our favorite Windy-Mill park, and were surprised to see that its all fixed & back up with all its arms!  (One apparently rotted off and then they took the rest down about a year ago).  It was nice to see it back together!

We checked out the ducks, and as usual, they were swimming & quacking up a storm! 

The gardens have been cleaned out fur the winter, just a few herbs and some kale-looking stuff growing.    We were going to  take the path thru the woods, but there was a big tree down across the path, so mom said we'll save it fur later.

After our walk, she took us to the beach fur more walkies.   There were horses on the beach today, along with a few other dogs and peoples.   It was sunny and beautiful, and windy!

 We love going fur adventures, we come home and curl up, and dream about all the good sniffs we caught today!

Woos and A-roos,
from Jack a-roo & Miss Moo 

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The Army of Four said...

It's so beautiful! And so are you two!