Dad-a-roo Day View from the Moo

Hope every Dad-a-roo had a great Dad Day!    
(We were busy all day so we didn't post)

Mom got a couple shots of us late in the day after all the activities were done 
(we went out walking & delivering stuff to friends while Dad put the finishing 
touches on the new crown molding he put up in the living room)

I was grumpy (cause Mom wouldn't stop brushing me and I had to go hide in the hallway)

Jack was being adorable...

and Dad was goofy.
It happens sometimes.

And that was the View from the Moo on Dad-a-Roo Day!

Miss Moo

PS:  I almost furgot!  Mom spottted a crane flying overhead when we were walking and it landed on the roof of a house on the next block - the pics are a little fuzzy, but we could see him on the roof through the trees!  Pretty cool, huh?


Elyse K said...

Dear Miss Moo ... woo don't look grumpy, woo look beautiful! Jack looks adorable, yes he does! And Dad-a-roo, happy Father's Day!

How neat that your mum spotted the crane and got a photo, too!

FiveSibesMom said...

Love how silly Dad-a-roo is! You guys look great! Happy Fourth! I just reposted my Patriotic Pets on Parade from a few years back and love your pic! My how time flies!