In a Monday Mood on Tuesday....

Our week is all screwed up.  Mom changed days with a co-worker this week, so she went in on Sunday and again on Monday, which she was thinking was Tuesday and that she missed posting my Moo's View on Monday.... except that it WAS Monday.... and she's just realized that now on Tuesday.  Did woo follow that????   Yea, humans can be sooooo confusing!

Anyway, here is the View from the Moo on Tuesday....

Mom decided that enough years have gone by that I won't attempt to devour squeaky toys again and that perhaps it was time to introduce one to me.    She took it outside to play with, but guess what?    Did I get to play with it?   Noooooooo.     Mr."Hey, I remember squeaky toys!"-a-roo grabbed it and dashed off to the far end of the yard to have a moment of bliss without me.

Jack has a furry unique way of squeaking toys.    He doesn't use his teeth, or his mouth at all for that matter.  He uses his snooter.   Weird, huh?   Even I know that you BITE DOWN HARD to make things squeak!

Here's Jack demonstrating his own personal adaptation, "the Snooter-Squeak"

Checking out the toy & sniffing out the 
best place for snooter placement;

Smooshing his snooter into the toy to make it squeak:

All I can say is "Ha-roo roo roo!"   I think its hilarious!

Anywho, now we are waiting for the snow that was promised..... a little bit has fallen, but not nearly the 10-12" predicted.   Im good at waiting, but when it come sto waiting for snow, I have my limits.
so I am a Blue Moo and only a foot of snow can cure me!

Keep your paws crossed.....
And that's this week's View from the Moo,

Miss Moo

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The Army of Four said...

I sure hope you get your snow, Moo! And your brother is VERY cute!!!