Friday Frolic

It was warm and windy last night.
Mom brought her coffee out to the deck & we entertained her.
Do woo do that for your humans, too?

First we did some of this:
Close-up of Jack's "Grrrrr" face
So I gave him my Devil-eye:

Then we did some of this:

Close-up of Jack's "Mr. Fangs means business Grrr face"
(mom says she'll recycle this one for Halloween)

Next, he ran around & around & around.... leaping on & off the deck...

Then he got silly & started telling jokes
...he really cracks me up sometimes!

And in spite of our games, (even the ones where we slam into mom)
she even managed to drink her coffee!
On the way in, she mumbled something about "A tired husky is a good husky" but we have no idea what she was talking about.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

jack a-roo & miss moo


Wild Dingo said...

OMD, Jacks fangs gave even LOKI the chills! woo!

and i'm here to say even tho i'm a NEW husky owner compared to WOO's Mom... "NO husky is a good husky." ;) booowahahahaha! What can i say? i like to punish myself by having one. who btw: is so floofed out this time of season... she looks like she gained 10 lbs! but she's still her svelt under 60 lb self that she was this summer... all that fur is shocking how it makes them looks so fat! hence her nickname "fatsie..." sigh. i know, I'm not a nice Sibe Mom... She gets even with me.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Looks like you guys had the bestest time out on the deck!! Those devil eyes sure are scary!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, what big fangs you have!!!! Jack, you will scare all the little goblins away on Halloween.

We have very cold nights here now so we do our bitey face games and zoomies with Mom watching from inside.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh we love bitey face! Look at those beautiful teeth, VOL
Benny & Lily

Sam said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!


Kari in Vegas said...

Bitey face is fun!

Stop on by for a visit

Sychoberians said...

Sibes playing is better than any TV show we have ever seen.

Remy and Flash

The Army of Four said...

That looks like SO much fun! We love doing that!
Play bows,

24 Paws of Love said...

It means, the warm weather wasn't the only reason she took you crazy, wild dogs out on the deck!!

Looks like you two were having a good round of bitey face. Love those fangs, Jack!

Mango said...

Oh I love the fierce face. AR AR AR!


FiveSibesMom said...

Love it! That's the best coffee break ever! Love Sibe entertainment...is there anything better? And you two do it expertly! I bet you'll see your mom back out there for more entertaining coffee breaks! Happy weekend!

blogdog said...

Thanks for coming to visit! Your friends, the Gang of Four from Maine

Redberry Cottage said...

OHHH, Jack you can really look scary!
What a fun Friday night!

Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily