Monday's View from the Moo

Good Moo-ing everyone! Time once again for the View from the Moo, featuring me, Miss Moo! The pawrents have some guests visiting - they're super-nice and give one heck of an ear rub! But they're all out doing exciting things and leaving Jack & I home with instructions to "guard" the house.
Yeah, right. Guard it from what, an alien invasion???
But woo know how Jack takes his assignments seriously, so, he's keeping a close eye on things….between naps, ha-roo roo roo!
Mom promises she'll get something interesting here on our blog pretty soon.
Yeah…. whatever.

And that's today's View from the Moo,

Miss Moo


Minnie Moo said...

I think you all make awesome guard dogs. No one is ever scared of pugs.
Good luck with those aliens.


Minnie Moo

sharkgila said...

The best guard dogs are the ones that know how to nap and guard at the same time.

Togo, Tagar & Gamby

Elyse K said...

Happy Monday, Moo and Jack! The deck is looking really good!

Huffle Mawson said...

That's no less exciting than what I'm doing today, Moo!

Holly and Khady said...

Guarding is important! I am always guarding our yard against all those evil bunnies and squirrels!

Khady Lynn

Sychoberians said...

Good thing you are guarding the deck from termites and Jack is guarding the fence from rust.

Just remember Jack, rust never sleeps.

Remy and Flash

Mango said...

Your observation deck is so grand. I am sure you guard better now that you have it.


ForPetsSake said...

You have an award waiting for you on our Monday morning blog!

Benny and Lily said...

your deck, guard post is purrty cool
Benny & Lily

Wild Dingo said...

Interesting? Like woo aren't enough? pahLEASE! shots of pantyloons, floofy faces and smiles are enough for me! :)

oh and maybe some smack down on Jack cuz girls gotta keep those boys in line... we could use some new moves

The Thundering Herd said...

She has you and Jack on the blog - what could be more interesting?