Hanging out with Jack

A few of woo have asked if I have anywhere special to hang out in. Well, no staircase here, so no cool landing to put my feety-feets up on, but this is my new favorite outdoor spot. It's a nice cement landing that leads from the breezeway to the backyard. It stays cool all day long and I can keep an eye on who's coming & going.

My new indoor space is under the big dining table. Mom couldnt get a good shot of me, so she ducked down & got this one looking between the chair legs. It was fun at first, cause my bipeds were freaking out trying to figure out where I was! It's crumb-heaven down here, too.

*Yawn* Oh excuse me! It's so cozy here, I can't help but want to take a nap!

I call this "Leaving the Jack cave".
From here I can just take a few steps and stretch out in the kitchen, always a good place to hang out!

And here's another favorite place - where the hall meets the living room doorway. I can see the front door, kitchen entrance, and both bedroom doors all at once! I call this pic "Hall Monitor", ha-roo roo roo!

So now woo know where to find me when woo come visit. Woo are coming to visit, right?

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


Joseph said...

Not only am I coming to visit you, Jack, but I'll be bringing biscuits for you and the Moo! Love, Daddio.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, those look like great places, Jack! I like laying either somewhere totally private OR where I can see EVERYTHING - like your Hall Monitor!
I'll bet if your mom gets the brush out, you could hide under that dining room table, too!

Sychoberians said...

Excellent spots Jacks, they all have a specific purpose for you to stay in control of the household.

You look really at home in your new house. It is really nice of you to let your humans and Moo live there too.

Remy and Flash

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Woooos Jack! I like woo sleepy place, I have very similar tastes too, the hallway is one of my favorites.
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo share lots of similarities with my favourite places too!

I'm khurrently on the patio - it is a great place to nap - I mean watch stuffs!

I love your Jack Khave too!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great spots, Jack. We think we will join you under the table - we love crumbs too.

Happy weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

houndstooth said...

Those all look like great places to hang! I'd love to visit!


Jacqueline said...

We love hanging out with you, handsome Jack...You have so many great spots; we especially like the hall monitor position=so much to see from there!...Also, your new house is lovely...Kisses to you and Moo...Happy weekend sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

FiveSibesMom said...

Jack, you've got some great places there! FiveSibes will come over and join you! PS - you look very handsome in those photos! Woo-woo!

Huffle Mawson said...

I'm on my way, Jack-a-Roo!

Keisha said...

I wish I could visit u. I shake paw instead! :) Hugs.

Wild Dingo said...

oh my, jack, you sure have a rough life there. don't hurt yourself moving from resting spot to resting spot!

Biloxi and Siber-sibs said...

We be there! Jest need to snatch Maw's truck keys.
Woo got sum cool places fur keepin' an eye on things.

Husky kisses,

Suka said...

hey Jack-a-roo (and Moo, too!),

I would love to run over for a visit with you! But I am on a chain. Your napping places rock, Jack! Especially your cave under the table. I bet you find great crumbs to munch on!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

It looks like you have found some good places. My mom really likes the pattern of your floor too!