Sisfurview Questions

I took advantage of the crummy weather yesterday to jot down all the great interview questions you all submitted. Woo pups came up with some good ones!

ME: 1. Can woo sing harmony? (submitted by Turbo)
Moo: My woo is like moosic to your ears!

ME: 2. Do woo share toys? (Bloxi asks)
Moo: Well the real question is: Do woo share toys?

ME: 3. Do woo like to do zoomies? (queries OP Pack & Herd)
Moo: I'm the queen of zmoomies!

ME: 4. Do woo get mad over toys or food? (Jackdaddy asks)
Moo: Oh yes, I'm mad about food!

ME: 5. Favorite flavor of ice-cream? (Steve's suggestions)
Moo: Moocha, of course!
6. and do woo like pizza crusts?
As long as they have a little moozerella on them too!

ME: 7. Do woo play bitey-face? (Khady khares)
Moo: I'm more of a kissie-face kinda grrirl. Vive L'amoour!

ME: 8. Will woo accept all the house rules? (from Mya booboo)
Moo: If it means I get to live here, yuppers.

ME: 9. Chicken or beef liver? (Indy inquires)
Moo: Both. Squirrel & rabbit liver too.

ME: 10. Do woo like hugs? (asks Elyse)
Moo: Furry mooch! I'm furry cuddly.

ME: 11. Describe 1 pawsitive thing about yourself (Suka's just askin')
Moo: Only 1? Cause I have four paws, ha-roo roo.
12. Describe 1 negative thing about yourself.
Oh now, a grrirl's gotta have some secrets!

ME: 13. Do woo like long walks on beaches? (Ao4 & Noll want to know)
Moo: Especially in the Moo-nlight!

ME: And do woo like snow zoomies? (the Ao4 is askin')
Moo: I especially like doing zmoomies in the snow!

ME: 14. Do woo understand about Honorary Huskies? (asks Huffle)
Moo: Indeed I do! Do woo understand about honorary Moo-cows?

ME: 15. What's your pawsition on Pengies???? (Khyra & Wild Dingo posited)
Moo: I put my paws on both ends, and I like em sunny-side up or over easy.
(uh oh... I'm not so sure about that answer!

The interview went pretty well all the way till that last question. Suddenly I saw a dark khloud come over her pretty white face..... We need to Zimvestigate this one a little more.

Thanks fur submitting all those great questions! I guess we learned a thing or two about Miss Moo.

~Jack a-roo and maybe Moo if she can keep her paws OFF my Pengies!

C'mon Pengies, I'll move woo to a safer place...


Pedro said...

Those were some great questions. I hope Moo passed with flying colors and can be part of your pack. She sure is one good lookin' gal!


Noll's Nip said...

I liked getting to know Moo ;)

P.S. Hide those pengies Jack!

The OP Pack said...

Your interview was pawesome, Jack, and we give Moona at least an A on all her answers, that last one held us back from adding a Plus. But she seems to like rabbits and squirrels, got any of those kind of stuffies you can let her have?

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

JackDaddy said...

Very good answers! We like getting to know more about you! Your interview was very moo-ving! :)

The Army of Four said...

Well, Jack - I know you have your concerns about Pengie, but the rest of it sounds really good. I mean, a certain sister of mine who shall remain nAMeless, is a stuffy-shredder. But a guy couldn't ask for a better little sis. You can overlook one little drawback, can't you?
Woo. And woo to Moo, too.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I think she did furry furry well!

I see lots of happy trails and tails ahead!


Huffle Mawson said...

What a great interview. I'm glad we're going to be friends, Moo.

Holly and Khady said...

Great job Miss Moo!!! I think you answered all those questions perfectly! I definitely think my "twin" Jack a-roo should keep you!

Oh, and Jack? I totally understand the toy hoarding. Monty is always trying to steal my toys!

Khady Lynn

Wild Dingo said...

typical girl sibe! averts the negative question. that's a plus right there!

i think woo can overlook the pengies pawsition for now. as long as house rules are good, I'm voting for her to stay!

wild dingo

The Thundering Herd said...

What's a few pengies among siblings?

Suka said...

hey Jack-a-roos and Moo, too!

I am furry impressed by Miss Moo's answers! She interviews extremely well! High Paw!

Jack-a-roos, good idea moving your Pengies to a safe place. Until the Zimvestigation is over, it is better safe than sorry. I am curious as to what you will uncover about Moo's possible dark side...


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Do you have separate crates? If so, I'd keep Pengie in there for safe keeping.


ocmist said...

That was a really nice way for all of us to get to know Moo! I must say, though, that you'd better be very diligent about keeping an eye on your penguins... BG from Corgi Country