Spring is in the air!

Ha-woos!   Its "officially" Spring!
Mom can tell because this year, one croscus escaped the ravenous rabbits that live in the flower gardens on the non-dog side of the yard.    I keep wooing to her that we could fix that, if she'd just let us have full access to the whole yard!

C'mon, Mom, let us have a crack at those wascully wabbits!

If I can't hunt wascully wabbits, I guess I can always hunt wascully brofurs! 
Ha-roo roo roo!

Happy Spring!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Monday View from the Moo ....on Tuesday

Ha-woo everyone!   It's the View from the Moo!

Monday morning it snowed a bit, and according to the weather peoples, its supposed to snow again in the next few days.   So we are taking advantage of our 1-day"Spring" and enjoying the rays while we can.
See how nice my bi-eye looks in the sunlight?

First things first... remember to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a bit before woo run around.

"Ahhh!  Moo, doesn't the sun feel great?"

Why, yes it does, Jack. 
It makes me want to....
Chomp on woo!

.... and jump on your head!

Hee, hee, hee,
bet woo weren't expecting that, were woo?
I know he wasn't!

And that's today's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo


Cybersibes' 1000th!

Ha-woo!  Its here!   
Our 1000th Cybersibes blog post!

The original Cybersibes were Star and Sherman, who lived in Ohio on 3 acres with a pond & some woods.  They had their own cabin, a kitty brofur, and life was good!  

I first got involved with a pet chat group called Pet Talk, and thus began my circle of on-line friends.  It turned out that many of them gathered at a dog park just a few miles from us for pic-nics a couple time a year.   It was a great experience to meet the peeps & pups face to face, and even went on our first Husky Hike with other Pet Talkers.  
Around 2006, I discovered Meeshka, Turbo, and Holly's House blogs.  I loved reading their posts, and decided that Star & Sherman needed to have their own voice, too.  Voila!  Cybersibes began!

We met lots of Siberian owners and our on-line pack grew.  But dad-a-roo got a new job, which meant moving hundreds of miles away to the East Coast.  After we moved, Mom went back to finish up the house, and we went to our last Pet Talk Picnic .

The next phase of our lives began with Smilin in Rhode Island, 
and our blogging took on a life of its own!

We discovered the coolest thing about living on an island.... beaches!!!!
Rocky ones, sandy ones, and wooden ones for walking on next to the ocean.

But a dark cloud hung over our happiness.... Sheman was diagnosed with lung cancer just a month after we arrived here.  Here is one of my favorite photos of our beloved Star & Sherman, taken on 6-21-08 while we walked the docks near Ft. Adams to watch the sunset. It was one of our last adventures together, as his health rapidly declined.
We tearfully said goodbye to our beautiful golden boy on July 7th.
It was a very difficult time, especially for Star.  Mom later posted a video that she feels expresses the love between Star & Sherman.   *Tissue warning*

The New Kid
It wasn't long before our pack grew again.  Mom took Star back to Ohio to the kennel where Sherman came from, Destiny Siberians.  Check this link to see what happened!

Welcome Jack!
Our first photoshoot in the yard-
do those ears say it all, or what?  LOL!

Jack quickly adapted to Island Life and our beach trips resumed.  If you search our blog for "Sachuest", it may turn up quite a few of our beach posts.

Wanna join us fur sunset on the beach?   Click here!
We love the rocky parts of the coast!

Our beach trips with Jack & Star included everything from finding a washed up giant turtle on the beach, to meeting horses, birds (lots of birds), pleanty of other dogs, and even sand sharks!
We'll run for help, just like Lassie, Dad! 
Watch out, kid!
Mom put together some of our best shots & set them to music for
a delightful Seaside RendevouzDo take a moment to enjoy it!

The Cybersibes also go on cyber-adventures.  One of our very best was Star & Jack's trip to the North Pole.  It really begins with A. Penguin's Story, followed by  North Pole #1 ...
 It covers about 10 posts total, with lots of exciting action shots like this one, as Jack & Moo  finally reachthe Santa and learn an important life lesson.

Star & Jack also blogged about real adventures, like their off-chance find in New Hampshire where we all learned a bit of Siberian History at the historic site of Chinook Kennels.

Our blog has celebrated our Siberians' favorite things, such as Jack's love for all thing Penguin, and Squirrelly , and JACK'S business ventures:  Order now!    Holey Moley Mole Removal business  Update, and his ultimate Christmas pick, snow in seconds.

The only constant is that everything changes...

Star was with us from the time she was 5 weeks old  till just a few months short of 13.  

But, during the summer of 2009, she began to lose mobility, lost a lot of weight, and grew weaker.  Testing didn't reveal any specific cause.  One of the harshest realities is that dogs have much shorter lives than we do.  Every dog owner must face that, but when "that day" arrives, one feels that surely it is too soon.  
We tearfully said good bye to our beautful Star on Sept. 24th.  
We still miss our blue-eyed girl.  She was our first dog, our first Sibe, and our forever love.   I put together some favorite photos & music as a Farewell tribute. *Tissue warning*   Most of the pictures I was thinking of posting are already on the video, which warms my heart now as I watch it again.   She was so special to us!

Soon after Star's departure, and for all too brief a time, Sherman's sisfur Tori joined our pack, she was such a lovely sweet girl!    

A month later, she suffered a medical crisis and soon joined her brofur across the Rainbow Bridge.   Losing two dogs in three months was a tough stretch for us.  Blogging was one way to express our grief, and we received so much support and comfort from the kind messages left here. 

Jack is not a dog who does well on his own.  He really needs the companionshoip of another sibe, so we began a search for our next pack member.   I found a kennel just an hour north of here who had a couple of dogs available.  After speaking to the owner, she suggested we bring Jack up to meet the little female.....she was exactly what we needed!

Hello!  My name is Moo!  
I'm really happy to meet woo!

So the adventures continue!
I'll let  Moo "take over" from here....

Mom hasn't had as much free time to blog, but we'lll keep on her about it.  Seems like a lot of our other blogging buddies now post most of their photos & news on facebook.  We do, too, and its nice to have a quick look, but we still like being able to tell a yarn or two and have photo-fun, so we won't abandon our blog.

Woo can look forward to
More hats

More trips

More yard zoomies & smack-downs

more ME!!!

and of course, more Jack, too!

Thanks fur walking down "Memory Lane" with us!
From all of the cybersibes family,
"Woos & A-roos to Yous!"

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo