Wooo-woooo! Got tasty new treats, the weather finally cooled off, and I've almost got a new hole chewed in my blue mail-box squeeky! "The maid" keeps sewing my toys up, just about the time I'm ready to extract the noisey part. She said we got a letter today about this year's "Husky Hike". We helped raise money for homeless huskies by taking a very nice walk through the woods last year. Can't beat that! Plus, there's games and FOOD, and an auction with all kinds of husky stuff. Last year, I won the musical hoops game and brought home a real prize -- a pink and red squeeky stuffie! I still have it, bout of course it's been stitched up a time or two over the last year. Have to see if we can find the pictures... later. * Star *


August 5th.
It's been hot, way too hot for dogs with double coats who love snow. But, being good huskies, we've been bearing with it. The humans went to a State fair yesterday, mom showed us pictures of sheep- stark naked sheep! I thought they were supposed to be fluffy, like huskies, but there they were, in nothing but skin. Well, a few had on these little "jammies", looked pretty silly if you ask me. All I can say is that I'm glad WE don't get shaved for our beautiful fur! I'd hate to be seen naked in public! Sheesh!