We're wooing a big THANK WOO to everyone who pawticipated by showing us their treat jars and/or donating treats to their local shelters! Thanks to your caring & sharing, the furkids at 18 shelters are enjoying a little something special! (That's a lot of happy furkids!) We'll do it again next year - see woo then!

And now, let's have a little Halloween Fun on this week's View from the Moo!

........A SHORT TIME LATER....

"Hello Granny. My, what big eyes woo have!"
"All the better to see woo with, my dear!"
and MY, what big ears woo have!
"All the better to hear woo with, my dear!

"and my oh my! What BIG TEETH woo have, Granny!"
All the better to EAT woo with, my dear!!!
Grrrrr, arrrrrgh grrrrrrrr rauroooo grrrrr!

Hey, you're not Granny!
Take that, woo big bad wolf!!!!
OK, OK, stop already!!!!
Ha-roo roo roo!
Happy Halloween!
Hope woo enjoyed our little Trick or Treat fun!

Remember, peeps, be safe, always trick-or-treat with a buddy, don't take shortcuts thru dark places, don't give canines any chocolate, and above all...

Don't mess with the Hood!
...and that's today's view from the Moo.

Little Red Riding Moo and the BigBad Jack-da-Wolf

A day at the Nationals

Mom put together some of the pictures she took to show us what a day at the Nationals is like. Since Moo & I were showdogs in our younger years, we'll walk woo thru a day at a show....

There's lots of "waiting" involved. Just chillin' in your own cozy kennel. some pups are snooze, some pups watch, and some bark & howl....a lot! Mom said when she got there, there was a group howl that were really cool - like a Siberian Symphony!
And of course, potty breaks.... Lots of potty breaks....
Then there's the grooming. All that bathing, blow-drying, brushing, & primping, cause a show dog's gotta look their best!
At last, your group is called and you enter the ring with your handler...
(That's Lisa in the dark suit with CB showing in Seniors)
The most fun part is when you get to run around in the ring, head held high, struttin' your stuff! (Mom's pic was fuzzy, so she jazzed it up to capture the feeling)
You look sharp while the others do their runs, cause everyone's looking at YOU!
You're a STAR!
Doesn't CB look awesome?
This is Cassio, he's from Moo's home kennel, Liyaza. He took 2nd place.
...And this is Broker, he is the father of my nephew, Dodge (who's a Polargold husky now)
Handsome guy, huh?
Do woo know why show dogs look so alert? The secret is that the handler doles out tasty little treats for good behavior! ("Baiting" the dog)
After woo leave the ring, there are kisses from mom for being such a good boy...
....and more tasty little treats.
Winners get their pictures taken (does this little biped look like she's had a long day, or what?)
...and you go back to your kennel for a snooze.
The bipeds watch more groups...
Or wander around and say hi to friends.
There's lots of cool stuff to check out...
...and lots of beawootiful huskies walking around to admire
Some even get a ringside seat...
...and some just chill on the carpet
Some puppies wanna make new friends
(this is Falcon again)
and some pups do "people watching", exchanging smiles!
"Hi there!"
Well, that's pretty much how mom's day went. There's plenty of other activities that go on, too. Mom said it was pretty exciting to see her first dog show. We gave her a good sniffing - she must have pet a lot of dogs.

We'll post pictures of some of the obedience trials tomorrow.

Today there is a sled race at the Nationals - they'll put that snow to good use! With the bad weather, we are keeping our paws crossed everyone leaving the Nationals will have safe drives home.

a-roos to yous, & toodle, woo!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo



We're so excited!

We're showing our treat jars &
taking treats to our local shelters,
cause every dog (and cat) deserves a treat!

to all the pups & peeps for pawticipating
in our 2011 event!

We taste-tested all the flavors at the treat bar, & picked out ginger-bears to take to the Potter League, our local shelter, along with a box of regular biscuits. Hope those sweet dogs waiting for furever families will like them!

We proudly present our Treat Jars!
This is our regular Treat Jar.

And this is our Special Treats Jar.
Yeah, we know, its looks like a cat,
but it's full of canine culinary creations.
Take a look: Some of the goodies mom brought back from the Nationals:
Elk horns, yogurt-covered biscuits, and Yummie Chummies from today's trip to Petco.
Please visit our furiends to see their treat jars, too. And thank woo again fur caring & sharing!

They'll be showing their Treat Jars today:
~and a big thanks for donating foodables to their local shelters:

A-roos to yous, and toodle-woo!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

PS: If by chance you are posting your treat jar and we missed your name, please leave a comment & mom will add it to the list!


PUPPY DAY! (also for Friday)

Woo! Mom is too busy today to get all the new pics up, but we promise to make her get it done asap! Just enjoy these puppies for another day- woo!

Mom went to the Siberian Husky Club Nationals in Fitchburg, MA yesterday. She saw hundreds of gorgeous huskies! Watched obedience trials (yes, some huskies do obey), and the Puppy Sweepstakes judging, and the Veterans and Seniors, too. There was a Rescue parade, (both adoptable & adopted rescues), and many vendors with all kinds of Siberian goodies.

She met up with Maverick's Lisa (who is really really not mean at all!), her mom Cecile, & all their beawootiful Polargold Huskies. She took lots of pics, which we'll post over the next couple days. We'll start today with:

Who doesn't love puppies?
Here's a litte one we've all been following on fb:
ANNA! (She had just woken up from napping with her moose).
She was happy to come out & spend some love-bug time in Lisa's arms.
She's not only cute as a button, she's feisty, too....
what a perfect little Siberian!

Also present was her buddy, Monty.
What a love this guy is!
His sweet little face is surrounded by those soft, soft ears,
he won mom over in a heartbeat!
While watching some of the judging from ringside, mom noticed another snuggly puppy and she had to get a picture:

Then something unexpected happened: look who showed up!
It's Johanna, Moo's #1 humom/breeder!
...and big ole' snooter smooches were exchanged.
Johann then told mom that this is little Rhodie, and....surprise!
He's Moo's cousin!
Mom was delighted to meet him. She went back & said "ha-roo" to the other 8 Sibes from Liyaza Siberians, including a few more of Moo's relatives.

Later in the afternoon, this handsome little pup arrived-
his name is Falcon. He is Rhodie's big brother....
And another surprise - there's 3 brothers! mom's thinker doesn't retain info for too long anymore, she forgot brother #3's name, but he's on the left, then Falcon, then Rhodie. The girls are Katie and--?oops, there goes the poor memory again, but I thinks she's Lisa(?), and Johanna.

They sure got lots & lots of attention from everyone! Like we said, who doesn't love puppies?

Just a reminder - "SHOW US YOUR TREAT JAR" is in 2 days, on Saturday. Be sure to leave a comment here so mom can include a link to your blog & we can all see YOUR treat jar (or bag, or whatever).... and please drop off a box of treats to your local shelter, because every dog deserves a treat. Thank-woo!

Check back tomorrow for more pictures from the Nationals!


Wooless Wednesday



Monday's View from the Moo: Penguins!

Ha-roo everyone, its me, Moo, time again for the View from the Moo. Jack asked if he could use my post to alert everyone about a potentially poisonous problem facing the penguins in New Zealand affected by the recent oil spill. There's a rather unusual rescue effort taking place! Take it away, Jack!

Thanks Moo. Here's the deal: New Zealand's penguins are being rounded up & washed to remove most of the deadly oil, but not all can be washed out. Some wonderful penguin-loving peeps from around the world are knitting them little Penguin sweaters to put on them to prevent them from preening & ingesting bits of oil still in their feathers. How cool is that?
The pengies are released only after they are fully oil-free and have built their strength back up by exercising in a pool. Then the sweaters are used for more incoming penguins, poor things!
A lady who owns a wool shop came up with the plan and I say "Four paws up!" A-roos to yous!

I think I'll offer my services to the rescue team in New Zealand, after all, I'm an expert Pengie-herder! (click to see me demo my mad herding skills.) I expect they can use a few more helping paws! Thanks, Moo - now back to woo!

Woozers, Jack! Those Pengies sure look cute in their itty bitty sweaters! If woo go to New Zealand to help, can I have your treats till woo get back?
Speaking of treats , REMIND YOUR PEEPS THIS WEEK TO GO DONATE A BOX TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTER.... and pose fur a pic or two with your treat jar/box, etc. to post this coming Saturday! ....Because every furkid deserves a treat!

And that's this week's View from the Moo,

Miss Moo & guest blogger Jack a-roo


Friday Frolic

It was warm and windy last night.
Mom brought her coffee out to the deck & we entertained her.
Do woo do that for your humans, too?

First we did some of this:
Close-up of Jack's "Grrrrr" face
So I gave him my Devil-eye:

Then we did some of this:

Close-up of Jack's "Mr. Fangs means business Grrr face"
(mom says she'll recycle this one for Halloween)

Next, he ran around & around & around.... leaping on & off the deck...

Then he got silly & started telling jokes
...he really cracks me up sometimes!

And in spite of our games, (even the ones where we slam into mom)
she even managed to drink her coffee!
On the way in, she mumbled something about "A tired husky is a good husky" but we have no idea what she was talking about.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

jack a-roo & miss moo