Happy Halloween!

Its a dark, windy night.... there must be goblins around, cause everything has an eerie glow.......
AAAAAWOOOOOO! Help! Help! It's got me!!!!
Hahahahaha, Trick or Treat, Jack & Moo!(mom says)

The things we have to go thru to get a treat around here, Jack! Harumph!
Just sit still and look at the camera, Moo. Get this over with and we can have the treat!
Happy Halloween,
may your Treats outnumber your Tricks!

Thanks to all who pawticipated in SHOW US YOUR TREAT JAR yesterday, whether you posted a pic or just visited & left a comment. Plus, we understand many boxes of goodies were delivered to shelters & dogs in need - which is furry khool! Four paws up, everyone! Lets plan to make this an annual event!

Be safe if woo are going trick or treating, take a flashlight fur protection and don't furget to hold hands (or paws) and look both ways when woo cross the street!

Jack a-Boo and MooBoo


Show Us Your Treat Jar!!!

Good day dear furiends! We've been waiting 2 weeks for today so we could show you our treat jar. Mom was setting up our post at midnight when our computer decided to TRICK us instead of TREAT us... It died. The screen went into a death roll, and mom cannot do anything with it.
Wooooooooooo ... this is so not good!!!!!! Dad's letting us "borrow" his laptop, so, as promised,

You can't see the treats cause its a furry big treat jar and rarely gets filled to the brim... but trust us, there are yummy treats in there! We're also not allowed to put our paws on the counter, but mom said Jack looked so cute, she'd let it slid this once.
We may not be able to link up to everyone else's pics like we hoped, or get around quickly to comment of all the posts -we're so furry sorry about that, but thanks fur pawticipating!

Mom & dad went to hear a dog trainer last night at our local shelter, mom says he was pawsome! She left a box of Treats fur the pups there, no tricks about it.

Have a wonderful Sat - we'll check back when we can. Paws crossed the mac whizzes can get mom's 'puter up & running again real soon!


Friday: got da slows

Mom says we look like we "got da slows", but we're just conserving our energy till the weekend is here. Won't be long now....

jack a-roo & miss moo

PS: Tomorrow's the day!
We'll be on the lookout for those containers of yummies, whether they are glass, ceramic, metal, cardboard or plastic! After all, its what's inside that counts!


Wednesday Woos

Preparing for pics for this Saturday's Treat Jar post:

We just love the colors of fall! In spite of the rain and overcast, the leaves are still beawootiful! Our neighbor's maple tree:
Our Burning Bush:
We're supposed to get a really big wind storm, so these leaves may all go flying away soon! But that's okay, cause maybe the wind will blow some big fluffy snowflakes our way instead!

jack a-roo & miss moo


Mondays View from the Moo

Good Monday morning, everyone!

Well, I think woo can tell from today's pic that I have Treat Jars on my mind! Mom says we get to pose with ours pretty soon - I hope its full of treats when we do, so we can be properly compensated for modeling.

It was more like "Treat Week" for the bipeds here. Mom baked a gazillion cookies for the bake sale at Dad's school. Of course, she kept a few here, but they didn't last long enough, according to Dad. I hope she bakes some more this week, cause the floor got real tasty during cookie mixing time. We helped by cleaning up. We love to help in the kitchen! Are you helpful too? My favorite job is yogurt carton cleanup. I think Jack is partial to taste-testing the raw veggies. He's nuts about veggies. Weird, huh? That's my take on it- and that's this week's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo

PS - if anyone wants to post their Treat Jar but doesn't have a blog, woo can send it to us and we'll post if fur ya! cybersibes(the at symbol)gmail.com

PPS- Check out Mom's new blog at Paint & Pixel Paws


Sunday Stuff

Ha-woo furiends!
Wasn't that a beawootiful full moon the other night?
Mom looked out to where the big tree used to be, but instead, she saw the full moon! We like full-moon nights cause we get to stay out late and everything looks really cool and blue-ish and a little spooky. BOO!
Next weekend, it will look very scary, with mini-monsters running around ringing doorbells and asking fur treats. (The kid kind). Mom has her orange mini-lites up around the window, and this week she'll make her traditional corny ghosts out of trash bags & hang them up. (She believes in low-tech decorations) She'll carve our pumpkins and we'll get to stand behind the door when she passes out treats. Mom tells the kids we're dressed up as wolves, they love it, ha-roo roo roo!
Next Saturday is our own blogger version of Treat Day -
Post a picture of your Treat Jar on your blog!
Treat Jars aren't all fancy: if your treats live in a box, post it!
If they stay in a paper bag, post it!
Just post it, ok?

Donate a box of treats to your local shelter, if you like. The pups will appreciate it. One of our local shelters was collecting donations & food at the local grocery store, so mom dropped a few bucks in the box & a box of peanut-butter biscuits in the collection baskets - mmm, the pups are gonna love those!
And one more thing --
Mom started a second blog, its called
Hey, I'll bet you'll see us on there sometime, too!
Drop by!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Friday: flying trees

Woo'll never guess what I saw while I was watching out my front window yesterday!
Flying trees!

Yup, our neighbor said when he planted it 50 years ago, it was only a thin little stick. He had very mixed feelings about cutting it down, but now it's causing some problems with his patio & stuff, so he decided to have it removed. Bye bye, Old Oak.
I wish humans made sure their trees have enough space to grow as they should - and not be in the way of something else- before they plant them. It made mom very sad to see this beautiful tree cut down too. Of course, sometimes it needs to be done. My bipeds had a smaller tree cut down that had been planted directly under the electrical wires of 2 houses -- But then they planted our little Hoopsi where it can get to be 40 , 50, or even 60 feet tall without creating a problem. We hope it gets to be a big beautiful spruce and live a long long long life.

I wonder what I'll see outside my window today?
jack a-roo


Monday's View from the Moo

Wooooooo!!! Perfect day for zoomies, isn't it?
I think we should do some zoomies now, Jack.

Now this's what I'm talking 'bout!
Moral of Today's View from the Moo:
What Miss Moo wants...Miss Moo gets.

till next time,

Miss Moo


Join in: "Show Us Your Treat Jar" Oct Fun Post

Ha-woo, efurryone!
Sure is looking like autumn around here! The good news is that winter isn't far behind! (We huskies appreciate a good cold spell!) We love autumn, the beawootiful colors, the brisk wind, and pumpkin-flavored treats!

Speaking of treats, isn't it Trick or Treat day soon???

Seeing a post from our friends Steve & Kat about their new treat jars gave mom an idea for Trick or Treat post.
Jack (who loves to name things) named it

blog photo day!

And we'd like woo to pawticipate!
It's simple: no trick to it--
Put a picture of your treat jar on
your blog on Sat. October 30th!
...and if woo can, please take a box of treats to your local shelter - our furbros & sis's "behind bars" will love it!
OK Mom, we're ready to go get some treats to fill our treat jar & one to donate to the shelter!
Hope you'll join us by posting your treat jar on Oct 30th. If you plan to, make a note in your comments here and we'll cross-link to everyone's blog that day!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

PS - Woo can use this badge if woo like to post it too:


Wednesday Woo

Happy Wednesday Woos to yous!

jack a-roo & miss moo


The View from the Moo

A Day for Discovery!
(It's Columbus Day here in America)

Look at what we discovered in the front yard -
MMMM, I love the smell of freshly dug earth!

Moo, I think I smell rabbit over here!

And here it is, mom & dad are furry proud of their new "baby".
Is it a boy?
Is it a girl?

This type of Colorado Blue Spruce is said to be "the bluest of the blue".
Hopefully it will be 40' tall someday! (To help insure that, we weren't allowed to dig, just sniff). Isn't it a cutie?

I love the fall - we're enjoying the day on the back deck. The view from here is pretty sweet. Hope woo have a wonder-fall day too.
And that's today's View from the Moo

Miss Moo


Walkies, please?

Mom, may we please go fur a walk now?

a-roos to yous & toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Wednesday Woos

We were starved and abused for your entertainment:

And yes, we FINALLY got breakfast!

a-roos to yous,
jack a-roo & miss moo


Monday's View from the Moo

Woo-wooo everybody! We have a special edition of the View from the Moo today. Are woo ready for the tour of the Gilbert Stuart Museum to continue?
Gilbert's mother told him he was born in this room. (walls have been left exposed to show construction method). See that wonderful doggy painting? Gilbert did that when he was 14 years old to thank a doctor for saving his life when he was a boy.

This fireplace is in the master bedroom. The docent says probably the entire family slept in one room in the winter to keep warm. There is a trundle bed underneath the main bed, which was found boarded up in the attic.
Another corner of the master bedroom - Stuart painted many presidents & their wives. The "unfinished" portrait is First Lady Martha Washington.
This is the dining area in the formal great room. This room was used for business rather than family life. The family's daily activities took place on the lower level.
This great room fireplace has an interesting invention: a Colonial "microwave". Plates of food were bought up from the downstairs kitchen an placed inside the metal box. The door was closed & it was kept in front of the fire to stay warm till people were ready to eat.
The lower level was the "business" level - can woo guess what this is?
This is the snuff mill. Gilbert's dad ground snuff here, right in their main living space. The air was probably full of snuff dust all the time. Gilbert was addicted to it, and its no wonder, after spending his first 6 years breathing it every day!

The kitchen prep area is on the otherside of the room - remember whenRI had those historic floods this past spring? (highest floods in 100 years) The Museum flooded, and the water and silt filled this room up to the level of the windows! They've worked very hard to clean it up!
This is the spinning corner. Colonial women had a tremendous amount of work to do to keep the family clothed and fed. The yarns on the back wall have been dyed with local vegetation. They used ground up beetles for the red color!
The family would probably have found having a pack of Siberians very helpful - just think of all the fluff we generate for spinning yarn for nice warm winter clothing! (Just sayin'.)

Yesterday JackDaddy asked us where the museum is - I guess we forgot to say-- its in Saunderstown RI. Here is their website. If woo are ever around, it really is an interesting place to see. And if woo ever ARE around, give us a woo, we're just up the road, er, I mean across the bay.

And that's today's View from the Moo, hope woo enjoyed your tour!

Miss Moo

Scenic Sunday

Today seems like a good day to r-e-l-a-x. Lets take a photo tour with mom (since canines are not allowed at the museum) and see a few things from the Gilbert Stuart Museum. Did woo know woo have a Gilbert Stuart original in your wallet? Yup, his famous "unfinished" portrait of George Washington is the one used for the engraving of Washington on every dollar bill for the past century. Pretty cool, huh? Maybe woo recognize the painting:
Lets start at the beginning.
GS was born here, in that big red house.
It also housed his father's snuff mill.
He lived here till he was 6.
On the right is the grain mill.

It's lovely, in spite of the overcast skies and drizzle.

This is the spring-fed pond that powers the waterwheels:
There's even a "fish ladder" in the pond! Can woo imagine, a ladder for fish? What's next, a frog elevator? Ha-roo roo roo!

This lovely view is from the "front yard", looking over the herb
gardens across to the mill.

This bridge takes woo back to the visitor center & gift shop. Every year artists come and do paintings of the grounds, which are then sold in the gift shop. There's also a little movie about GS, just to put Gilbert's life into context.
Isn't this a cute place? The caretaker lives here.
Whew, that's a lot to take in!
Tomorrow, Moo's going to take woo inside the house & show woo around. Till then, have a restful Sunday.

A-roos & toodle-woo,
jack a-roo & miss moo