Merry Christmas to All!

T'was the night before Christmas and all thru the house,
mom & dad are both working and cleaning it out.
There's company coming, my gosh, its a mess!
And the challenge to clean up puts us up to the test.
Should we be good sweet puppies and not drool or shed?
Or should we be good Siberians and plunder & wreck?

Moo's honed her unpacking skills with tooth and claw,
she's been opening packages all week with her jaws.
Mom's picked up the shreddings from pictures & cards,
and dad found his ink cartridges strewn in the yard

But Jack minds his manners and is such  a good boy,
He plays with his Pengie and naps with his toy
Till Moo tricks him and takes it, she's sneaky like that,
and keeps Jack away by being a brat.
She holds Pengie hostage till Mom interferes
Mom returns it to Jack as he cries out his fears.

So it seems that this evening, all things will be done,
The house will be sparkling, set for Santa to come.
We'll just be "us", take the ups with the downs,
Jack will be very good,  Moo - a fun-loving clown.
We wish you "Merry Christmas" with all of our might,
A blessed day with your families, and to all, a good night.

From our pack to yours,
we send you wishes for a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!
Pat, JoJoe, Jack & Moo


Windy-Mill is fixed!

We went fur a ride with mom to our favorite Windy-Mill park, and were surprised to see that its all fixed & back up with all its arms!  (One apparently rotted off and then they took the rest down about a year ago).  It was nice to see it back together!

We checked out the ducks, and as usual, they were swimming & quacking up a storm! 

The gardens have been cleaned out fur the winter, just a few herbs and some kale-looking stuff growing.    We were going to  take the path thru the woods, but there was a big tree down across the path, so mom said we'll save it fur later.

After our walk, she took us to the beach fur more walkies.   There were horses on the beach today, along with a few other dogs and peoples.   It was sunny and beautiful, and windy!

 We love going fur adventures, we come home and curl up, and dream about all the good sniffs we caught today!

Woos and A-roos,
from Jack a-roo & Miss Moo 



Nothin' much happening.

Spending lots of time going in and out and in and out.... keeping critters out of the yard....  watching rabbits on the other side of the fence... digging critter traps.... landscaping our yard....  making nice new comfy spots under the trees ... rearranging the new straw in our igloo... snoopervising Mom as she hauls everything out of the back room.... snoopervising Dad as he works on the closet and a new floor in the back room.... selecting things  for destruction and mastications from the boxes Mom brought out of the back room...sleeping, dreaming, eating, shedding old furs to make way for the new furs we're growing....  watchin the leaves fall... sniffing the air fur changes and waiting fur snow.....

hey, wait a minute..... I guess we've been pretty busy after all!

A-roos to yous and
Happy Falls to alls!


Happy Howloween!

Wooooo-ooooooooosand A-rooos to yous!


Wooo-ooooo! it's Spooky-time!

Mom has been sooooo busy, she hasn't blogged like... FUREVER!!!
That's ok, we furgive her if she'll blog about Moo's "extreme decorating" scheme.

Dad-a-roo & mom were furry surprised to wake up at 5:30 am the other morning and rudely interrupt Moo in the middle of decorating our hallway fur Howloween.

 She was minding her own business, disemboweling a rabbit on the rug.  True, there was blood dripping from its throat onto the wood floor,  but the yucky stinky stuff was all on the rug.   I thought a disemboweled rabbit was the perfect decoration, but Mom & Dad-a-roo disagreed.

We were rudely shoved into the guestroom behind a closed door while they "disappeared" the rabbit and disinfected the rug & hallway.  Phew, that stuff smelled worse than rabbit guts!

There really is no explanation other than they don't' appear to appreciate Howliday decorations that are appropriately gory.  Yup, that's gotta be it.

No Howliday Spirit?


Summer Camp BLues

WE had to go to "Summer Camp" while the peeps went on vacation.
It really was alright, we got to stay up late at night & gossip with tho other dogs at the kennel.  Woo-hoo!   some of the stories we heard would make your tail curl!
The only bad day wa the last one.... last day is also bath day.    Jack cried himself hoarse, and gave our groomer-lady fits aver having his claws clipped.  I was good - I just gave her kissies while she suds me up - I'm nice like that.   Now I am fluffy and pretty and ohhh sooo white!

We got matching bandanas, too:

"Just checkin to se if they really match"
OK, they do.
The peeps said they had a really good time, but, honestly,  how good could it have been without US???

This good?  

or this good?

or maybe this good???
Aw, well..... they diid bring us home some biscuits from the South.  

We'll make mom post a few more pics later on.....

latah gatah!

Miss Moo & Mr. Jack-a-roo


Is it really almost summer?

Woozers, how time flies!   We're enjoying lazy days here on the island.   And we both had birthdays!  We are 10.

 So far spring is filled with walkies....neighborhood walkies, sandy beach walkies, windy beach walkies... walkies is good!

Sachuest Beach has good waves and nice sand!

Check us out at the Fort!

Day trip to Beavertail Lighthouse was W-I-N-D-Y!!!!

Hey Jack, THIS is how its done!

Next, we'll be snoopervising Dad for some projects.
Working breed dogs' jobs are never done....

Jack & Moo


Waking up after our long winter's nap....

Woo-hoo!  We've had the BEST winter EVER!  It's called the Siberian Express - what could be better than that, if you ARE a Siberian!

Its been very busy for our human blogger, who has not been posting..... geesh, what do we have to do to get good service here?  Grow thumbs?

Whatever.  Anyways, here are a few photos of our winter activities-  it all started with hjust an averyage snowfall and a "suntower"

then we got more and More and MOre and MORE snows!!!
Moo & me, waiting for those treats Mom promised.... and Moo & me checking out the snowflakes....

 Frosty-face Moo (she slipped & got a snoot full of snow, ha-roo roo roo!) and me coming out of my super-secret tunnel under the bushes!

Frosty front yard and backyard 

Our "Hoopsie" Blue spruce, looking all fine decked out in white fluff 
after our storm last week.... it snowed lots more than expected!
and... the robin in the crabapple tree, may he RIP.   Moo delivered him to our pawrents inside the house, and they did not much appriciate her efforts,  I might add.

Today was 50 degrees outside, and all sunny & stuff.   
At this rate, my snow-hill won't last long, so I'm going outside to protect it.
A-roos to yous!
Jack & Roo
and Miss Moo