Summer Camp BLues

WE had to go to "Summer Camp" while the peeps went on vacation.
It really was alright, we got to stay up late at night & gossip with tho other dogs at the kennel.  Woo-hoo!   some of the stories we heard would make your tail curl!
The only bad day wa the last one.... last day is also bath day.    Jack cried himself hoarse, and gave our groomer-lady fits aver having his claws clipped.  I was good - I just gave her kissies while she suds me up - I'm nice like that.   Now I am fluffy and pretty and ohhh sooo white!

We got matching bandanas, too:

"Just checkin to se if they really match"
OK, they do.
The peeps said they had a really good time, but, honestly,  how good could it have been without US???

This good?  

or this good?

or maybe this good???
Aw, well..... they diid bring us home some biscuits from the South.  

We'll make mom post a few more pics later on.....

latah gatah!

Miss Moo & Mr. Jack-a-roo