Long time, no blog. (busy busy humom)
We went to the reservoir for a walk last night. It was such a pretty evening, with a bewootiful sunset. Here's pics of our humans with us. See how we're all bathed in sunset pink light?

Maybe it's pretty because the night before one of those tornados blew by not far from here. We stayed hunkered down inside with our humans, but the lightening & thunder & wind was just awful! I DO NOT like thunder, and once it sounded like it hit across the street from us. I jumped up & started barking & barking to scare off the storm, and it must have worked, because the storm moved on. We stayed on alert listening for it with our superior super-hearing:
Jack kept watch out back:

While I watched the front.... (Isn't this a great photo? I turned my face away at the last moment.. you shoulda heard humom whine)

We're very honored to receive an award from our kitty friend Huffle Mawson, the honorary husky explorer cat. Thanks Huffle! You're the coolest cat we know!

The rules of this award are:
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AND TO JACK'S SIBETTE, MIKKI (and Bama, Cracker, Chili, & sirus). and to Maya Marie, Maverick, Prince & Summer, & Togo.

That's 7 dog blogs!

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Just hangin' Parts I & II

Part I
Too hot to do anything but just hang around and wait for cooler weather. (Poor mistreated pups have no Husky AC)

Of course, having a healthy snack is good. Gotta keep up yur strength ya know.

Sky blue pink. That's what our mom's mom used to call this color. Pretty, isn't it?

Lazy woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack

Part II
Another hot muggy day.
Point of view from the fan:

Our point of view:


Woos & a-roos!
*Jack: We took a field trip with mom the other day. But we didn't go to a field, we went to a park. Mom's friend met us there. After checking out all the trees, we got tied to a post and they ATE LUNCH right in front of us! (Oh come on, that handful of treats didn't count as "lunch" for us!) We were pretty good till the people cookies came out. Then I did my best to ask for one.
First I tried paws on the bench:

Then I tried one of my cutest smiles, and it worked, I got part of a lemon cookie.

*Star: Oh Jack, you are such a puppyhead. Watch - look at the camera like you're gonna give them a big grin.... then at the last second, just move your eyes the other way, like this:

Like Stormy's mom, ours kept prattling on about "Sit, sit pretty, oh Star, Jack, look here!" so this one's for you, Stormy:

Then Mom snuck in a half-way decent shot while we checked out a dog walking by:

Next time we'll pay closer attention & look the other way.

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo


1st RB Anniversary for Sherman

Unbelievably, it's been one year since my Sherman crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Its been a long year for me, and my humans (especially mom) still get big salty rain on their faces when they talk about him. I miss him so much.

He was my very best friend, and always will be. I don't want to be sad on this day, so humom helped me put together some happy memories of Sherman and me. He was an easy going and carefree guy, and I hope we captured a bit of that in this video.

Woos to you, my dearest Sherman, my forever soulmate.
Love, Star

*Mom remade the video, the audio is much better and she fixed the images.


Hungry Jack

Next thing you know, he'll want to sign pawtographs.




We hope everydog & human in the USA has a wonderful 4th of July. We're grateful for living in this wonderful country full of hot dogs, cheeze-whiz in a can, livergreat, and Frosty paws. Dog parks, soft beds, human servants and canine companions - it is good to be a dog here in America.

Special thanks to everyone in the Military, we woo in your honor.

Little humans, be careful with those sparkly things, you don't want to set yourself on fire.

We hope you enjoy this video humom made. It's her first movie!
Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack A-roo

Music: Lee Greenwood
Personal photos by the bipeds, (except flag close-ups)