Friday Foto Fun

Wanna play "Caption Me This"?

Caption me this...


Caption me this...


Woo are doing pretty well, wanna do a couple more?

Caption me this...


And finally

Caption me this...


Ha-roo!  Thanks for playing along, we hope
 efurrypup & kit out there has a fun weekend!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Walking on Wednesday

Actually, first two pics are from walking along Brenton's Point on Sunday.

Breezy kite weather! The park was full of bi-peds flying kites! Must have been 50 of them in the air, just look at this one!

Walking on the Cliff Walk with Mom's friend on Wednesday.   It was a beawootiful sunny cool afternoon, perfect for exercising the bipeds.

The best stuff was under the benches. Mom checked out what we were so interested in. She said "Oh, cans & butts...So you two are under there drinking beer & chewing on cigarettes?   Ha-roo roo, she can be really funny sometimes.

Effurrybody smile!
Thanks for coming along!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Monday Movie!

Today on Monday Movie, we're featuring a guest spot.    OK, it's a sales pitch, but come on, every sibe needs one of these!

HULA operatives -- Swipe your biped's plastic & order now!
Overthrow the Evil Sqwirrel Empire! 

And here's a picture of us, just kicking around the yard, waiting for mom to have some extra time to make another movie of US.   
Hope woo enjoyed the informercial -- we're still not entirely sure if it's a real product or not... (groovy soundtrack, don't you think?)

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Setting Sun

Setting sun, day is done,
had some fun, gotta run....

A-roos to yous,
Jack a-roo


An Award and some Feline Fun

Jack & I are furry honored that our new blogging friend, Noll, gave us to this beawootiful award:

We're to list 6 things that make us happy, and 6 blogs we want to receive this award.   Oh good grief, Mom is resorting to that stoopid "Happiness is" thing.

Jack & I are in agreement on these 6 things:


    (say it with us anyway)

(Now didn't that give you the warm fuzzies?)

Noll is a half-Siamese kitty, so we're posting a picture of our furry special half-Siamese kitty.  Chow Chow lived with Mom for 17 years.  He was here when I came along.  My boys described his coat as "the color of old pearls", isn't that lovely?  Chowdie had beawootiful blue eyes, like me, too.   He taught me how to behave around kitties - to be respectful and play gently... or suffer the consequences!  I really liked Chow Chow, even if he wasn't so fond of me.   Mom & I both miss him.

We're going to continue our kitty theme today by passing this award to our sibe friends with kitty sibs on these 6 blogs:

Tehya's pack (with 9 felines & 25 or so doggers)
and to Khyra (not that she has kitties, but she regularly blogs about two butterscotch kitties that torture her.)

Whew!  what a long post!  It's time for a kat-nap now....

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Foto Files Friday

Mom tried something new - she decided to use whatever random unmarked IMG file from a random unmarked folder she opened while browsing thru an old photo folder. So here was the random choice-

Now, woo may be thinking it's a coincidence that, of all the pictures on her computer, she'd open one of me, but I think it was Destiny... after all, I was born a Destiny Siberian.  I'm just sayin'.

Woos & a-roos,
Destiny's Da Vinci  (aka Jack!)

PPS: - My sis Diva is a big deal now, she's a Champion, and a mom.  There's some furry cute pictures of her son Dodge - my nephew- posted here on  D'Azul Siberians blog!



Monday Movie! Jack's Dilema

Taken from a page in Star's Alpha Guide: Pack Etiquette

"One need rarely resort to tooth & claw to rule a properly trained pack, a simple glance is sufficient to convey One's displeasure.   Allow imagination do the rest..."

See what I mean?

Star, Qween of the Qweekies


Friday Fotos -"Drive by"

On her trip across RI, CN, NY, NJ, PA, & OH, Mom snapped a few pictures of interesting things she saw as she drove along the highway. She saw this truck & wondered where in the world it must be headed to?

Further along in her travels, she saw what appeared to be a likely destination-

Perhaps the time for HULA to rise up & overthrow the humans is nearing!  Supplies are being shipped across the country. Watch for a HULA delivery truck in YOUR neighborhood!

And what have we here? The Mayor & Deputy Mayor of Barkeyville? Ha-roo-roo!

Just joking, these two gorgeous girls are our OH cousins, Petunia & Brandy. They're furry sweet girls. We don't see them often, cause sparks fly between Star & Petunia-- they both think they're the Queen of the Universe.  (No doubt they both are, good thing there's a little distance between their universes! ~Jack)

One thing mom saw & would like to share with you- check out ...THAT CAR!?! 

Now we know what's become of all those Happy Meal toys from years ago... 

Remember to recycle.  Someday it may speed past woo down the highway of life...

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


More Big Dogs...

Well, that was quite the Big Dog sitting on top of that building yesterday, eh? He's been guarding that roof for many years!
When Hu- mom went to OH, she met a living breathing big dog.

...A REALLY BIG dog... Don't be scared!

Meet Ford Shepherd, he really likes our mom.   

Ford Shepherd has two other canines in his pack, but they're more like regular dogs.


and Pete.

Since F. S.  has his own home,  he helps other homeless pups by volunteering at Human Society events.  Isn't that a noble thing to do?   (GS's are quite a noble breed)

This big dog is friends with our boy, so maybe we'll get to meet him if we efur get to go back to OH.  We're pretty sure that with those blue eyes, he's gotta have some Husky in his genes, too.  

More canine-oriented pictures from mom's trip tomorrow for Friday Fotos!


Speak up a little

Can woo

hear me


Maybe Nipper has selective hearing, like us?

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo
(P.S. Thank woo to mom's cousin L.L.B. for the use of her khool photos!)


Monday Movie

"Wubba Bubba"
(hang in there past the annoying first 11 seconds....ok?)

Woos & A-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo



Friday fotos of Sachuest

We'll start with one more shot of the 
Shiloh Shepherd & Jack staring at each other.
 (I think they wanted to play together.)

We were busy sniffing the sand, when dad said...
"Heads up! Here comes a stroller!" 
Some strangers strolled past us...

Some stopped to pet us...
(Mom blurred their faces for privacy)

And that makes us smile!

Mom says this picture sums up  our 
Sachuest Beach Sunday story:
A Sunday afternoon of sun, sand, surf & sea, surfers, baby strollers, strangers strolling, with the spectacular St. George's School bell tower as background scenery.

We hope woo all enjoyed our special presentation this week, 
"brought to woo by the letter "S"
(if woo haven't already guessed!) 
See woo soon!

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Surfing thru Thursday

Here we are, strolling along the shore with dad, looking out towards 
the Atlantic Ocean, to see what we could see.

We saw 3 ships come sailing in. 
(on their way to Narragansett Bay, then up to Providence to unload) 
Woo may need to click the picture bigger to see them - 
they're right at the horizon line.

We saw surfers surfing (click again)

We saw surfers shlepping surfboards along the shore.

We saw surfers shining surfboards on the sandy dunes...

And this poor slimy soul 
(or is that "sole?")
 seems to be 
stranded on the sand - - 
kinda like a fish out of water, 
(Did woo like that one, Ammy?) 
Mom let me sniff, but no tasting allowed. She says she's glad I didn't practice my "drop-and-roll".

So, are these the last photos of Sachuest Beach?  
No way, dude! 
Still more to come...see woo tomorrow!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo


Sachuest continues...Wed

We saw:


and Sand-castles
(Hmmm, a sturdy structure!)

Star looked over and said - "See what's ahead?"

a Shiloh Shepherd
(He was BIG puppyhead- only 14 months old!)
...and there's still more scenes to share tomorrow!

woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo