Hey, no fair!

We have to type as fast as we can because we just found out hu-mom is leaving us alone with dad for a bunch of days while she visits some 95-yr. old Auntie, and we dont get to go!!!! How fair is that?!? No computer access.....no blogging....no extra long walks.....no tons of goodies.... no special this or that, just no...no...no! So pardon our absense, it's not OUR fault - I'm sure she'll come back and tell us all about the exciting things we missed out on. *sigh* See ya later siber-gators!

Wooos, and a-rooos to yous!
Star and the Jack a-roo


The Cars & Names Games!

Wooos and A-rooooos, everyone!

We've been tagged for a couple of new games, so here goes...
"What kind of car are you?"

Star -
Something classy, beautiful, with a lot of pizazz under the hood-- My boy always said I'd look great riding in his silver Mazda RX-7, so I guess that's a good choice for me:

Sherman isn't here so I'll pick for him. This little "Wagonar" fits him - it's gold, it's compact, and everyone thinks it's cute & sweet. Of course Sherman was much better looking, but I'm going for essence here:

I'd like to pick one for Rosie, my RB sister & friend. Mom always said walking her was like trying to walk a bulldozer. since you've never met her, I'll put a picture of her, too:

Now I'll turn it over to Jack.... let's see what the puppyhead picks

Jack here -
I think I'd be a Subaru siberian Outback --- hey, that IS what Mom drives! I'm picking it because it's very sharp looking, like me. It's got good agility, like me. It's just the right size, like me. It's fun, just like me!

I don't know what "tag someone" means, so I'll just say, if you haven't done this game, yet, consider yourself tagged!

The second game we've been tagged for is the nick-name game:
Star: Staruvian, Staruvian the Artuvian, Pretty Girl, Star-roo, Wolf, and "The Beautiful Ba-roo"
Sherman: Shermansky, Shermie, Sherms, Butter-boy, Handsome, and "the Shermanator"
Rosie: Rosie-Posey, Rosa-Rita, Rosie-beans, Beans
Jack: Jack-a-roo, Jackets, Jackers, Wacky Jackie, Wookie-boy, Batman


"Salty dogs"

Sunday was really fun. Our humans took us to a place called a beach. It had the best smells everywhere! Lots of smelly stuff to roll on, & very comfortable on the paws to dig in.

The only problem was that the water was not frozen. It was, however, very salty. Here we are after hu-mom dragged us into the waves - now we're "salty dogs"!

I was up for playing in the waves a while longer, but puppy-head wanted away from the water.

You can see a picturesque private boarding school in the background - that's where the humans' pups get sent when hu-moms & dads don't want them underpaw anymore. Hmmm, I wonder if they would accept Jack....click on the pic, it's quite lovely.

On our way back to the car, a nice lady came over to ooou & ahhh over my beauty. She just lost one of her two sibes to cancer in May, so she understood how miserable I feel. I felt bad for her remaining sibe - Tutonka, he's 15 yrs. old. Can you imagine how lonely he must feel?
Even if Jack's mostly just annoying, at least I have another sibe around... still. My efforts to get rid of him continue to fail.

OK, so maybe I like his company, just a little.

and Jack A-roo


Jack's Day

A-Rooooo everydog!
It's me, Jack! just thought I'd post a few pictures of my day. Nothing special about it, I just had a nice day and thought I'd share it with you.

Look at me, I'm on the big screen!

HaHa, just kidding. Gotta keep an eye on Mom when she goes out the door!

It was such a nice day, Mom let me out to play in the yard! Hey, look at that, I caught that hoppy thing!

"Hi there, Grasshopper, say hello to Jack A-roos CHOMPERS!"

That bug got boring, I think I'll play with my penguin toy....over there in the shade.

Sitting in the shade with my penguin buddy. Mom says I look "just too cute." Now, is there really any such thing as a husky that is "tooooooo cute?"

A-rooos to yous,


Two months...

Two months....since you left for the Rainbow Bidge.
Two months... that feel like years.
Two months... our hearts still grieve over losing you.
Two months... missing you every day, every hour, every moment.

The air is cooler, leaves turn red and gold, like your coat.
Crisp leaves dance in the air and on the ground across our path... you always loved Fall.

Dance in the light, Sherman, dance in the light.
Shine in the Northern sky, shine true and bright.
Shine on our days, and shine on our nights,
You shine in our memories of what you were like.
Shine on these gray days, shine deep in our heart,
Shine here forever, and never depart.

There are no words to express how deeply you are missed, dearest Sherman.


Another game!

Here's another game we got tagged by Bama to play. Every answer has to start with the same letter as your name:

What is your name? Star
4 letter word: star
Vehicle: Subaru Siberian Outback
TV Show: Seinfeld
City: Stow
Boy Name: Sam
Girl Name: Sam
Alcoholic Drink: Sherry
Occupation: Screen Star
Something you wear: shirt
Celebrity: Sean Connery
Food: salami
Something found in a bathroom: sterile gauze
Reason for being late: Street was closed.
Cartoon Character: Snoopy
Something You Shout: Strike three, you’re OUT!!!!

And the Jack-A-roo:

What is your name? Jack
4 letter word: jock
Vehicle: Jeep
TV Show: the Jackie Gleason Show
City: Jersey City
Boy Name: Jerry
Girl Name: Jan
Alcoholic Drink: Jack Daniels (kind of a no-brainer, eh?)
Occupation: janitor
Something you wear: jewelry
Celebrity: Jack Nicholson
Food: jam
Something found in a bathroom: junk for patching up wounds
Reason for being late: “Jury duty”
Cartoon Character: Jughead
Something You Shout: Just a minute there, buster! Where do you think you're going? ( Jack hears this one occasionally)

OK, we tag MayaMarie and Indy to play!


Labor Day Bar-B-Que

'Bout time for an update, no?
Labor day was fun, we got to go to hu-mom's cousins' for a bar-b-que. We even got a few tasty morsels for being so good! "Riley" was there too, he's a beagle with a big mouth, and he's actually afraid of everything. Here I am minding my own business--and he's too afraid of me to get down!

Jack is such a big baby. We were tied out on our long lines in the yard, and all he did was cry & whine, till the human's couldn't stand it anymore & brought him over into the middle of where they were sitting. Then he sat down & shut up, and listened to everyone tell him how handsome he is. Geesh! He's so annoying. I jumped up & down, looked very cute, and waved my paws up in the air, making it VERY clear I wanted to join the people too, but nooo, they moved me closer but I did not get to sit in the middle of all the action. *sigh*

There were two very little girls there, and they adored us. Especially the light-haired one, she kept patting me & telling me I was a good dog.

I put up with her. Jack was a good distraction. Surprisingly, he was absolutely wonderful with the little one - she must have poked him in the face a dozen times, practically pushed her hands into his mouth, hugged him around the neck, and kept tugging on his collar the whole time while prattling on about good doggie, that's Jack...all in that human baby gibberish. There were some older kids, too. Here's "Jack and Zack" together:

I did get next to the bar-b-que for a while, and got so close to a tasty platter of creampuffs....sooooo close, but not quite! We got to lick several sticky fingers, though.

We also took a nice walk. Overall, a good day. We both slept like logs last night!
How was your Labor Day?