Tagged? I'm it?

Our friend Holly tagged us for something called "The Middle-name Game". I love games, thanks, Holly! the object is to find words that describe you that start with each letter of your middle name. I think we'll add commentary to make it more interesting...

I'll go first: My AKC name is Blue Moon Star:
M-agnificient! (I think that's a good start)
O-riginal (as in "original & unique!")
O-bservant (I watch & think before I act)
N-ova...another word for "Star"!

Holly wants the puppyhead to play too. His AKC name is Destiny's DaVinci (call name Jack) so I guess he should use DaVinci. Personally I think a simple "Da" says it all, but I'll let him describe himself:
A-roo everyone! Oh boy, I love games, can I play too? Huh? Can I?...Oh, I'm next? A-rooo!
"DaVinci" is my middle name!
D-arling (I'm so cute)
A-ctive (See Jack run...all day)
V-igorous (Go Jack, go!)
I-nquisitive -about everything!
C-haracter --(mom says I'm a nifty character alright)
I-ngenious (I picked this one myself, Mom says it makes her think of Wiley Coyote)

So there you have it. I think we'll tag our friends Indypindy, Turbo, Royal, MayaMarie,& Meeshka (if you have time, Meeshka) to play "The Middle Name Game".



Dogpark day

I got to make a couple new husky friends at the local dogpark, which is why I'm smiling...

Two very nice husky boys were there, very happy to play with such a lovely lady husky as myself. Didn't catch the name of this silver guy, but I hope he comes back. We had a great time together.

The second (and very handsome) husky dude is Moon, who also happens to live right down the block from me. We've woo'd at each other while on walks, & he's very mellow. He is the one with the arrow pointing at him in the next pic. (Hu-mom will try to get a nice portrait of his handsome face sometime)

Jack's first trip to a dogpark was...let's just say, a start. He spent some of his time on a leash, because he was just waaay over the top too enthusiatic for several very young puppies whose owners would like them to survive to reach adult dogdom. But he did get to run offleash too, and raced around with a husky/greyhound boy ...man, they were FAST FAST FAST!
(OK, hu-mom just reminded me that when I was Jack's age, one of my favorite dogpark pastimes was rolling terrified puppies & small dogs... I guess Jack'll grow out of it, too)

Hu-mom didn't realize till she was loading my pics that this next photo is full of huskies...The big fluffy husky butt is Moon, the bigger fluffball behind him is Toby (looks like he has some husky in him), then Jack sniffing in the corner, Hu-mom, me off to her right, a GSD devil-dog (click the pic & just look at those eyes!)...and if you'll notice the U-haul directly behind us -- it's got huskies on it too! All in all, it was "husky day" at the dogpark.


Does he stay, or can I send Jack back?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I've been out of touch. I've had to work overtime correcting this new pup. Gotta watch him every minute. It's exhausting, so I have to sleep more too. I really really have to do this hard work because Jack has worked his magic on my humans. They say they think he & I will be okay together and the little puppyhead is going to stay.
They may say “I” decided, but that’s only because they are interpreting my tolerance as acceptance. So I give you the evidence, you decide.
Here is our first “group” picture:

Do I look pleased, or what? See my “happy ears?” Neither do I. I’m only sitting there because I am a good, good, girl & I listen to my humans when they threaten me. (I’m no fool, I know who passes out the treats.)
He's still a pain in the butt. He kept running off with MY squeakies, so instead of punishing him, you know what hu-mom did? She took HIM to the store & he got a brand new toy that he won't share with me! I told him ALL the squeakies are mine, but he looks at me and says "not this one!"

He even took it outside with him. He hasn't even figured out how to make it squeak, dumb puppyhead. I'm trying,...I'm really trying, to smile through all of this!

That Jack also took over one of my favorite sleeping spots and spend most of the day like this:

Another annoying thing he does is that he follows Hu-mom EVERYWHERE! I mean EVERYWHERE! But probably the most annoying thing of all is that he is so darn cute, he has that "puppy face" humans melt over. OK, I'll give him that, he is about as cute as they come...

So I decided (because I am wise and can see the writing on the wall)Jack can stay.


We're back, Jack!

We're back from our trip. Of course, our empty kennel-house wasn't the same without Sherman, and I didn't want to stay there alone. Hu-mom let me stay inside with her, which was good because it was 97 degrees and the big house is air-conditioned. It was soooo good to be back at my old dogpark. I played with some of my old friends & a couple new ones. I got to go see my boy, too. He drove me to a big kennel with lots of huskies! See me, I got the whole compound to myself for a while!

Then a crazed husky boy came flying into the kennel and stomped all over me, can you imagine? I was not too pleased. I wisely left the compound and watched a whole howling pack of huskies charge in. Good thing I left, cause they were zooming all over the place crashing into each other. Mom got a picture during a break in the action:

My hu-mom & boy bravely waded into the middle of all those kissing huskies. See that lt. red one? that's Sherman's mama, Cara. She covered my mom's face with kisses, and they both chatted about Sherman. I don't like being cried on, but Cara didn't seem to mind. She just kept kissing my hu-mom. She kissed my boy, too.

Syd, Sherman's dad, and his sister Tori were also there, and mom cried again when she saw Syd, cause Sherman looked a lot like his dad. I think Sherman got his sweetness from his mama, though. I was in a run by Syd and told him off. I forget about what, probably about having been stomped on.
The craziest thing happened. I don't know who decided this one, but when we got ready to go, that husky boy (whose name it turns out, is Jack) gave his mom a big hug & kiss....and climbed into the car with us! What the...?

We drove for hours and finally stopped at a dog-hotel (they let people stay too). Will you just look at me! I slept like a Queen!

Goofy boy just jumped from bed to bed for silliness & belly rubs. After a long walk in a park, (and a hamburger) we fell asleep.

We made it home, and showed Jack around. I don't know about him, he's been a real pain the butt. We've had a couple tiffs, and if it were up to me, I'd send Jack back today. But he's using his good looks and fun personality to make the humans want him to stick around, so now they expect ME to make up & be friends. Hey, he started it.
Look at this face, see what I mean? How can they say "go away" to those eyes? I can. Easily. "GO AWAY."

*sigh* I think I'm stuck with him for a while. My people say they want to give us a chance to work it out. Yeah, sure, after he tromps all over me in my own house. Well, I'm avoiding him. We'll see. You know what they say --
"It ain't over till the fluffy husky howls."