Bay Watch

After the storms, it was nice and cool in the morning, we went for a walk
mom & our furiend down along the harbor in Newport.
Woozers, Moo, take s a look at all those big boats!

Sure would be fun to go aboard & do zoomies!

No thanks, 
 We'd have to swim there and I don't like getting wet!

 Enjoying a nice dry car ride home....
Time for naps & dreaming of all 
those good smells from our walk!   
Hope woo are enjoying your weekend, too!
A-roos to yous, and toodle-woo,
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


Thursday smiles

Enjoying the cool spell after last night's storms.....
its much nicer outside thanks to the thunder & lightning!


Monday's View from the Moo... I'm ba-ack!

Ha-woo everyone!
It's me, Miss Moo, and I've got my bloggin' paws on the keyboard!
We've been checking in on everyone, but not posting much.   Mom thinks she can manage my Monday's View from the Moo and a post or 2 later in the week for now.

I'm just happy to be back with my bloogin furiends!

Let me tell woo what happened this week - 
Jack was outside and mom saw him staring at the fence...

She aimed the camera that way.... 
guess who was looking back!

Ha-woo!   Its Bunny Nibbles!
(Mom calls this one Bunny Nibbles cause it looks 
like someone nibbled on his ear)

 Bunny Nibbles was out in our yard nibbling on the clovers.     
Even though this pic is kinda fuzzy, mom thought it was still cute!

Jack says "Hey, Bunny Nibbles.....come over here 
and I'll nibble your other ear to even them out.....

....and Bunny Nibbles says, "No, thanks, my ears are just fine.....
all the better to hear you with, my dear!
Well, what did woo expect Bunny Nibbles to say?

and that's this week's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo


A Rose is a rose is a Rosie

Stop and sniff the flowers!
I second that!

All this "rose" stuff has a point....
Meet our new cousin Rosie, a sweet girl just adopted 
from an OH rescue by our OH branch of the family....   

She's not had a very happy life up to this point, but we know 
she'll be just fine with all the love and kindness,  food and 
companionship she'll get every day!
Welcome to the "family pack", Rosie!

Hope your Sunday is sweet as  Rosie!

Jack & Moo


In Memory of Sherman

July 10... 5 years since my golden boy Sherman crossed the bridge.    
He was such a teddy bear!   
We miss our sweet boy and hope he is doing well at the Bridge,
and getting lots and lots of peanut-butter and Scooby snacks.

Hug your puppers & kittahs, they are so precious, 
and sometimes, only get to stay for a short time.