Moo View : Layin down da Law!

We had a visitor in our house.
(Honest, it wasn't my fault no matter what woo may have heard.)

After we sniffed him over real good, I told Jack that he was "busted" 
and asked if could have his extra treats when he goes to doggie jail.....

But he looked at me like this:

I couldn't keep a straight face,  I ha-roo'd and ha-roo'd....
and he figured out I was joking.
Guess I'm the one who got busted!

My big brofur is pretty easy to fool, but I will say he ain't no fool - he's just very trusting and a little on the gullible side.  Gotta love him, he really is my best buddy.

And that's this week's view of life with the Moo!

Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo-venture!

 Ha-roo everyone!

Today I'm taking woo along on our walkies at the Windmill Farm!
First, we'll greet the gooses...

 ...or not.   Silly gooses wlked away!

Well. we'll just go over here and see what's happenin'...

Since Dad-a-roo was along, we actually have some picture with Mom with us!
Here wa are coming down the woodsy path
 and across the field to the gardens
 Mom took the camera and caught Dad giving me a squishy hug!     Ooof!
Dad thought that was pretty funny! (Me, too.)

then we got some lovin' from Mom

After checking out more good sniffy stuff, its time to head home.

thanks, Mom!

Just to be clear, we are not looking at the beawootiful forsythia....ha-roo roo roo!
Hope woo enjoyed going on our walk with us,

cause that's today's View from the Moo....

Miss Moo


View from the Moo: with Mom as "Guest "Viewer"

Ha--woo everyone!

Its time for the View from the Moo again!
todays's pictures are actually "The View from the Mom", 
as she took them from the other side of our deck....

this is what she saw:

 Hi mom!  I can see woo!

Can woo guess who thos is?



 How can anypup look so handsosme even when he's pinned to the ground???
I swear, its impossible to take a "bad" photo of my brofur!

Mom came back inside our compound just as I was giving Jack a wink 
to let him know I was keeping an eye on my bone collection, 
just he case he had any "ideas"...
After all, a girl's gotta keep an eye on her stuff.....

and that's the View from the Moo (and the Mom) this week!

Miss Moo


Monday's view from the Moo: Busted!

Ha-woo everyone,

Well, its been kinda boring around here.   After checking out the yard...

and checking my igloo.....   "Whose been sleeping in my house?" 

....and stalking Jack...

and cornering him on the deck....

 I decided to occupy myself with a fishing expedition into mom's computer room to see if I could find anything interesting in there.   I did indeed!   I took my prize outside and discovered that this tube of ... whatever it was.. was rather tasty!  So I ate it.    All of it.

Mom noticed that we were "missing" and peeked out the window... Jack had my back and was snoozing facing the house.   She came out to see what I was chewing on and shrieked.... and then made frantic calls to the v-e-t and looked up all kinds of stuff on the internets and made quite a fuss over me.
 I'll skip the details, lets just say "lesson learned".....husky tummies and sunblock lotion do not mix well, and no matter how good it tastes going down, it does come back up.  At least I'm sunburn-proof inside, ha-roo roo roo!   I'm fine, honest.

"Really?  Fine?  that's a matter of opinion, my dear sisfur"

Hey, watch it Jack or I'll sit on you!  

And, that  wraps it up for this edition of the View from the Moo....

Miss Moo


Coming and Going....



Coming and going
Ha-roo roo roo!
Jack & Moo