Hi there, Sherman here. Nothing much is new, just sort of waiting for either winter to return or spring to show up, the weather can't seem to make its mind up. Next week will be special because Star has to go have a bunch of teeth pulled & a bumpy thing on her paw taken off. Maybe while she's gone & all doped up I can clean the crumbs off her bed. She eats so s-l-o-w-l-y, I just know she lets crumbs get away. Not me, by golly, I get every last crumb I can find! I heard Hu-mom say that she will have to skip treats the night before, I wonder if that means I get doubles? I can always hope...
We did get a nice trip to the dogpark. Here is Star, getting a butt rub from the nice owner of a basset hound. He probably was impressed he didn't have to bend down to pet a dog, hee hee hee.


Hu-mom says this is where we're heading in a couple months. A-squids-neck Island, or something like that. I don't think we're going to like being surrounded by water...I hate water, unless it's frozen solid. I also don't like going over bridges, so I guess I'll turn into an "island-bound" husky. Hu-moms trying to teach Sherman some leash-manners. We'll be walking on leashes like when I used to live in the city. Sherman's a bit of a country bumpkin, he's never walked around in the city before. Mom says he pulls awfully hard. Duh, did she notice he's a husky? Well, fed him treats, he'll follow you anywhere! Here's his treat-face.