Saturday Catch-up Day

Ha-woo everyone!
Thought we'd stop by and share a few pictures with woo.
Summer has flown by, so lets go outside & check things out!

Right after mom planted these,  the blooms were 
destroyed by rainstorms.... 
but new ones popped open and put smiles on our faces!

Our dwarf fruit trees were furry productive this year!  
Check out the pretty pears and nectarines!

Our little angel's prayers and patience 
were rewarded with lots of Impatience!

Dad brought mom these beawootiful sunflowers
from the Farmer's Market-
 she was delighted, and took lots of pictures of them.

and lastly, our little hydrangea plant did pretty well this year, 
but as it gets closer to Autumn,  the blues are fading
 into these lovely orchid colors....so pretty!
Its actually been a little cooler outside this week!
(We Siberians appreciate a good cool spell)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jack A-roo & Miss Moo 



Jack a-roo  & Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Spooky Jack

Good Moorning everyone!
Woozers, its been a few weeks since I got my paws on the keyboards for a Monday View from the Moo, but I'm gonna type real fast while the Momster is making coffee before she demands her computer back. 

Since the end of spring, she's been working at Michael's Crafts (two doors down from Petco, where we pets go) and she says that the walls are already lined with decorations for Halloween and Christmas.  Santas, reindeers, angels, sparkly stuff,  & rows of bows .... and there are skulls, masks bats and black cats, creepy goons, spiders and witches..... and Spooky Town, a miniature village that could be the scene of your next nightmare.   The cashiers are treated to erie music and intermittent blood-curdling screams coming from Spooky Town all day long, now thru Oct 31st.... what a pleasant work environment!  So glad we huskies get to stay home & relax all day!

But mom wondered if maybe her work was following her home after she snapped this daytime picture of me and the Jackster....what do woo think?   

....and that's this week's view from the Moo!

Miss Moo


Bunny Carnage

Woo-hoo!  Jack got one of those wascally wabbits!
Way to go, Jack a-roo!   I'm so proud of woo!

(mom made this cool little animation of our backyard bunnies...
don't worry, this one is still around)

Uh-oh, poor baby bunny....

Jack, drop it.
Drop it Jack.  
~says Mom as she pries his jaws open.

"I  think she may have left some fur behind..."

"Oh poo, no bunny bits left"
Jack a-roo

Hope woo have a more satisfying weekend than I'm having....


Wooless Wednesday

Not wooing, not even lookin.

Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Our exciting weekend

It was a furry busy weekend at Moo Mansion!
Dad's brother came from OH to visit.
Mom & Dad took him out sailing on Saturday.
Jack & I stayed home to guard the yard.

 On Sunday we had more visitors - one of Dad's nieces  
and her family just moved to RI!
We all went out to Brenton's Point to walk on the rocks.

 So much to see & sniff!

At the park, we met this charming 4-month old pup - 
doesn't he have a "familiar" look to him?
We thought so, and it turns out that he is from 
my home kennel, Liyaza Siberians!  
Its possible we are related - we sure look like we could be!  
He came running over & put his paws all over me wanting to play.
(Mom will check into it & find out if he's one of my nephews....)

I'm really good with puppies - both canine & human!
Here I am, teaching one of the human pups about using dog doors.
With a little help, she & her sister caught right on and had 
lots of fun going in & out thru the doggie door.
I think their parents will have to get one installed
in their house!

Dad fired up the grill for brats & burgers, and Mom made 
our guests a Rhode Island favorite - 
Lobster Mac & Cheese!   
Mmmmmm, it was yummy!
The girls didn't finish their dinner, so we got hot dogs too.
These mini bi-peds are pretty nice to have around - 
lots of extra food, and lots and lots of petting.     
Mom says we were very good dogs and did a good job
keeping them safe from harm.

I guess its just in our nature.  After all, Siberians were bred to 
be comapnions to children * as well as working dogs!

And that wraps up this week's View from the Moo!

Miss Moo

* interesting article under The Beginning - Siberia speaks to the spiritual and physical role of the siberian in the Chukchi culture


A little fun in the sun

Whew!!!!      Another hot day! 
This heat is enough to melt a husky!
 ........What the floof?



Woooo!   I must be having heat stroke!   
I swear I saw Jack playing in the snow!
I'm going in to lie down......
Ha-woo!   This fake snow I ordered is even more fun than I imagined!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo