Dad-a-roo Day View from the Moo

Hope every Dad-a-roo had a great Dad Day!    
(We were busy all day so we didn't post)

Mom got a couple shots of us late in the day after all the activities were done 
(we went out walking & delivering stuff to friends while Dad put the finishing 
touches on the new crown molding he put up in the living room)

I was grumpy (cause Mom wouldn't stop brushing me and I had to go hide in the hallway)

Jack was being adorable...

and Dad was goofy.
It happens sometimes.

And that was the View from the Moo on Dad-a-Roo Day!

Miss Moo

PS:  I almost furgot!  Mom spottted a crane flying overhead when we were walking and it landed on the roof of a house on the next block - the pics are a little fuzzy, but we could see him on the roof through the trees!  Pretty cool, huh?


View from the Moo- Sunday Snoopervising

Ha-woo everyone!    
Unlike the past 48 hours of doom & gloom, the weekend had fabulous weather!  Mom took us fur a photoshoot at 7 am cause she said it was really good "morning light".  Whatever!  I slept during most of the drive.   

She stopped on the other side of the island at a cove she is planning to use for a painting.    I snoopervised out the window as she ran up & down the road snapping pictures.

Jack snoopervised out the other side window, keeping an eye out for traffic so she didn't get run over.   Those humans, ya just gotta watch out for them!

Then she took us fur a walk on the rocky beaches at Brenton's Point.  It was low tide, so there was plenty of good-sniffin stuff around!    We heard a lot of squawking and headed to the lower beach....

The gulls were enjoying a quiet Sunday morning without the usual crowds of tourists...

Along with them was a duck, a cormorant sunning its wings,
 and this beawootiful white heron.
All in all, it was a furry "Serene Sunday",  to borrow a phrase from our furiends over at the Ao4!

When we got home, we all took a nice long nap!
And that's the View from the Moo-

Miss Moo