Break time!

Ha-woo!   Its Mom's Cake & ice cream day and she doesn't have to go to work!
Mom says we can't post how many candles she has on her cake, but its enough to set the house on fire, ha-woo woo woo!

The rains of Arthur have ceased (we got 3.25 inches on the 4th), and last night's neighborhood fireworks are over.  Its a beawootiful, cool day and the whole pack is gonna all hang out together today - woo-hoo!

Dad has been furry busy building decks & stairs & stuffs..... Good work, Dad!

Mom's been busy painting.  Here's what see's been working on recently.  And she's been furry busy teaching painting classes this summer!  (the top 2 just fur fun & the other 3 are for lessons.)

And we've been furry busy snoopervisig it all...
Hey, wait a minute!  Woo got us on our coffee breaks - no fair.
In fact, its been enhausting looking after our peeps.

We are a hard-working breed and proud of our hard work!
and we're looking furward to some cake & treat rewards later today!

Have a happy, hard-working day!
~Jack A-roo & Miss Moo